News from Estonia

Ron & Judy Warpole
June 22, 2008

Dear All … With love and greetings from Estonia …

Monday, June 30th, one hundred fifty campers—from babies to grandmothers—will come together on the campsite on the shores of the Baltic sea. Nikolai will be directing the camp again this year. He would say that he could not do it by himself and turn our attention to the many people who have been participating in the preparation and who will be working unto the Lord to make this camp everything we have all been praying that it would be.

The theme this year is "Adventures for God" and will begin in the first day's lesson with a choice: The Broad Gate or the Narrow Gate! The t-shirts that will be given to each camper have a picture of a map and compass to help everyone understand that we must be very careful to follow God's directions as we journey through our lives on our way to heaven!

On Thursday and Friday of this week we will welcome much valued helpers from our American churches. From the church on McDermott Road, our overseeing congregation in Plano, Texas, we will welcome Tim, Tracy & Lacy Morganti and Terry & Mary Alice Thompson. From Denton, Texas, we will welcome Adam Cook who has been able to arrange his schedule at the last minute when he was told that we had an urgent need for another counselor for boys. We thank him for his willingness to come and we thank the folks from Granbury and McDermott who have purchased his airline ticket. We will also be welcoming Suzanne and Butch Roberts who were here for the very first camp 14 years ago. Suzanne has been here every year since then. Butch may have only missed one. And, as if these folks were not enough blessings for us, our precious Anna Vasjutina (Nikolai & Olga's daughter who is studying for her Master's Degree in Denton, Texas) will be here for camp. She was just a little girl at the very first camp; now she is a treasured cabin counselor and encourager of all campers. Together we will grow and live our lives and share our "Adventures with God."

We are also blessed to have some of the Banks' family back with us. Geoff (who will lead singing) and Jaime (who will prepare a photo DVD journaling this year's camp) are already here in Estonia. We have enjoyed some time with them over lunch in our kitchen. Jaime and her friend Katie, visiting from the States until this Monday, also came to Tartu with us last weekend. Mike and Zach will be here for camp. Kari arrives at the end of camp, but will be able to stay in Tallinn with Geoff and Jaime through the month of July to encourage the young people.

Please remember all of us "campers" in your prayers. The camp will begin Monday, June 30th, and conclude after worship and the noon meal on Sunday, July 6th.

On July 17th Dave and Audrey Stevens and their three teenage children—Lauren, Whitney, and Logan—will arrive from the church that meets on McDermott Road. Dave is the Family Life minister. He will be teaching several seminars about the six characteristics of strong families. Audrey will be the featured speaker at a special time for the women. The church in Estonia is looking forward to the two weeks the Stevens family will be with us. The families of the campers plus friends and family of our members will be invited to these special meetings and times of fellowship.

The hearts of all of us in the church here in Estonia have been touched by the needs of so many people in China following the devastating earthquake. Gary and Danita Jackson, missionaries in Beijing, are known—at least by name—by many here in the Russian congregation because of their years of work in Moscow. When we heard that the church in Beijing was going to seek and find specific families to "adopt" to help, praying to prepare their hearts for the gospel, the church family here in Estonia wanted to help and will be sending their contribution to the church in Beijing, China, through the Jackson's overseeing congregation in Lewisville, Texas. From the amount given which will be sent this week, we know that sacrifices were made and their gifts were given with much love and concern. How often we identify with and say "Amen" to John's written statement that "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. Dear friend(s), you are faithful in what you are doing for the brothers, even though they are strangers to you. (3 Jn 1:4-5)."

Our love and appreciation for each of you goes not only to you, but to our Heavenly Father because of you! May God bless all you are doing for Him and all we and the church in Estonia are doing for Him here in this place! May He open doors of opportunity and may we seize those opportunities with His saving truth and His enduring love!

Yours in Estonia,
Ron & Judy