Wednesday Morning Report from Athens

Greetings in the Lord Dear Friends and Loved Ones,

We pray this finds you very well this Wednesday morning. It’s been awhile since we’ve written. You’ve probably thought we’ve dropped off the face of the planet.

We didn’t, we have just been traveling for awhile. We were back in the states visiting and enjoying time with your family as our youngest son Bryan graduated from York College on 10 May. We were excited to be there and spend time with him and enjoy the occasion of him passing this wonderful milestone in his life.

We also had the privilege of meeting his girl friend, Britney Ellis. She is a very sweet girl. She is also a student at York College studying Theater and History. We were wondering why Bryan wanted to wait awhile to continue his studies to be a Chiropractor. We think we understand now. It looks like he is waiting for a special young lady to finish her studies. Mom and Dad are wondering if there is an announcement in the offing. What do parents know?

Ron has made it back to Athens in good shape, and hasn’t had a chance to sit down and write to you until now. He got back last week and has been at double time, getting ready for the new school term and teaching the last four days. He finally gets a chance to catch his breath today. He also hopes to have a monthly newsletter out in the next week or two.

Diana has remained back in the states for awhile as she is preparing to have some surgery for that small abdominal hernia she has been needing to get fixed for awhile. She had some blood work done yesterday in anticipation of seeing her doctor this coming Monday. We will know more then. In the mean time she is enjoying visiting with her Mom in Cheyenne and other friends and family in Cheyenne and Scottsbluff.

The school is going great. I’ve handed out five more applications to five more potential students expressing interest in starting the school in the fall. I’ve already had two of them returned. God is great and His Blessing continue to enrich our lives and the work here in Athens.

We pray your week is going very well in the Lord this week.

With so very much love for Ya
In HIS Mighty Name
Ron Kretz