Together Forever - Curitiba, Brazil

We often take for granted the amount of information that is available in the States. Brazil has not had that luxury of the abundance of information. The country of Brazil is very family oriented.

This is a dinner to celebrate the completion of the courseHowever, because of the lack of good instruction many couples struggle with their relationships. The word struggle is a little mild because we all “struggle” with relationships. These struggles here are not always normal. The desire is present, but the “how to” accomplish all that is desired isn’t easily acquired.

For that very reason we began what we call Eternamente Juntos, (Together Forever). It is an eight week course done with seven couples each time. We have encouraged all of the couples here in the congregation to do this at least once.

Most of the married couples in the church have done this course over the last eight years. Many have repeated it several times. It has strengthened many marriages and blessed also the effectiveness of their ministries and evangelism. We have also used this as a means to reach out to those who are not following Jesus yet. We have taught several visiting couples the gospel of Jesus after they finished this course.

We continue to thank God for your support and prayers.

Rod and Linda Nealeigh