Hello from Lubbock

Hello everyone, I hope you’re doing well. The new aim class has been here just over 6 weeks already! They are doing well but already looking at having their final exams soon for their first term courses. Time is just flying by! In just over 2 weeks we will be heading for Paducah Kentucky to visit the Lone Oak Church of Christ who has supported our family for 19 years. This is a great, mission-minded church who have supported many AIMers and missionaries. They are super involved in reaching their own community through all kinds of outreach such as a clothing room, food pantry, furniture barn and providing meals to those who need it. We will get to be involved in some of those things while we are there and I love bragging about this church to the AIMers but they also see it for themselves while we are there! The missionary presentations have begun and between now and the end of October this class will see approximately 12 mission field options. Half of those are foreign and half are Stateside. I think that as they see these presentations the reality of what they have chosen to do begins to sink in as they imagine themselves in those places in less than a year. Lubbock continues to grow and we see constant building of new businesses and houses everywhere. We have been told that we are about to experience an oil boom here because they are about to begin some serious drilling for oil around here. Who knows what that means for this area I just wish they could bring in some scenery with everything else. Please keep the AIMers who are still on the field in your prayers. Those from the 2011 AIM class have already begun finishing their time on the field and coming home. Those from the 2012 class have been on the field for several months now and are in the perfect “culture shock” window where things can be a little tougher, especially with the holidays coming up. I imagine you have seen the real battle that you are up against and even how Satan is good at getting us to focus our attention (and battles) upon ourselves – even to the point of thinking that our fight is with each other. Don’t fall into that “scheme” but rather keep your eyes on Jesus – walking by faith. Graduation for the 2011 Class will be on Saturday, March 15th. We really, really want to encourage everyone from that class to come for the re-entry seminar that starts on Wednesday and goes through Fridays (12-14th). We believe it is super important so please make it a priority to be here for that. Know that there are so many people praying for all of you and who are so encouraged by your example! AIMing with you, Kris P.S. we really need more brownbags on Wednesdays. We really want these letters to give the AIMers previews of what life is really like on the field – the funny things, the hard things and also the wonderful things! Try to keep them to only one page but please take some time (especially if you haven’t written one yet) to share what God has done with you and through you (or your team) with the new AIM class!