How do you see God? How do you picture, view, imagine, etc...

Do you see God as this big police officer in the sky, waiting to pull you over for reckless living? Maybe He has set up a trap to catch you, a "sting" to arrest you for your sinfulness and shame you into being a better Christian.

Do you see God as a wish-fulfilling Genie? Running to Him in prayer, during times of crisis.
Speaking of crisis, maybe you view the Almighty as some kind of hostage negotiator...
SO you give Him your list of demands, the things that you are bargaining for before you will set your heart free to Him.

Maybe He is that old guy who lives on your block, you know the one...He knows about everybody else on the block. He is always going from house to house, always with some crazy idea about how you could better mow your grass, raise your kids, drive your car, etc...

Perhaps you see God as this ancient powerful man imaged creature, sitting on a throne, waiting for the alarm to go off so He can destroy the world and all the sinful people?

Maybe you see God as this spirit, that lives in the church building, (like a retirement home, or some-kind of assisted living facility) and waits for us to come and honor Him with our worship?

Maybe You see God as love. All love, and loving God would not send anyone to hell, would he? Maybe He just wants us all to be happy, and have everything we want...

I am asking for responses here, so do not be shy. If you don't want anyone to know who you are just respond anonymously. Please, join in the discussion, explain how maybe you USED TO view God and how you view Him now, or whatever.

I dare you!