Greetings. We had a great time of study, fellowship and reunion at our leadership seminar today! The UBI classroom was filled with graduates, students and local Christians for our time of fellowship together. Pictured above is Robert Waller teaching those in attendance about the need for servant leadership. Natasha Maluga is pictured doing her usual excellent job of interpreting. It was so great to see these former students and see that they are still faithfully serving in the Kingdom!
Glen Gray talked with the graduates about the possibilities for leadership training seminars in the future and asked them for imput into what would be of most value to them. I encouraged them to lead through evangelism and discipling. It was beneficial for all.
One young lady named Ilina (like Eileen in our language) traveled all of the way from Dniperpetrosk for the seminar. She had received a copy of my class on Acts that was recorded while I was teaching at UBI. She was converted as a result and wanted to meet me and say "Thanks". It was overwhelming and I was grateful to meet her. We never know who might be impacted when we record our classes and send them around the world! Sunset has courses on the internet, video, dvd, printed books, translated materials and more. Who knows how many Ilena's are listening, watching or reading these materials around the world and learning about Jesus! What a blessing!
Glen will be leaving us tomorrow and I will be preaching in Budjonovsky and preparing for classes on Monday. I gave a test over the introductory materials in Revelation yesterday and the class average was 98%. If you think the test was easy, I would be glad for you to give it a try. We have some quality students this year at UBI. I'm looking forward to continuing the classes.
I'm sure that tomorrow will be even more "blogworthy" than today! I would appreciate your prayers for my grandmother and my family in Dumas. My grandmother is not doing weel, in fact, it seems that this might be the final stretch for her. Pray that her last days, if these are her last days, be good ones. She is certainly precious to our family.
In Him,