"As you go... make disciples" - Report from Tobey and Kathy Huff

Dear Brethren, Family and Friends

Si Na Bula (Good Morning) from Fiji

Many of will note that in my newsletters since we have been here I mention golf and the playing of such (if you call it that) on a regular basis. I am not good at it and the Lord has certainly shown me that I will never make a living at it. The recreation options are very very limited here and forget about socializing after dark. It seems that maybe some of you might have taken this to mean that playing golf is all I do over here and that while you are slaving away making a living I am asking you to support me for a life of recreation.

This was a (constructive) comment I received which brought this to my attention: "I think your continual mention of the golf games is a negative to, perhaps, many of your present and would-be supporters. I think they view it as they would here in the USA as being a fairly expensive recreational activity for someone who is always asking for more money. I refrained from mentioning this, but after one of our own leaders made such a remark to me I thought that perhaps the time had come to mention it to you." I am sorry if some of you have come to that conclusion.

We do not have golf country clubs here and the courses are close to farm fields to playing surface. In Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and now here in Fiji our playing golf opened and opens up doors into a wider spectrum of people to which we can share the Good News of Jesus. It costs all of $100 to be a member here and the contacts with the Indo-Fijian business elements are priceless. Most, if not all, of the previous outreach work in the Western area of Fiji has to the village level (blue collar) people. They have been shown to be the more receptive. However we are finding that the business class and more educated are now searching for answers. It was Jesus who said in Matthew 28: "As you go.....make disciples " The captain of the golf club is a Indo-Fijian (Indian decent) who owns an electrical supply company and has already expressed his dissatisfaction of the way "Christian" churches operate here in Fiji. Most Indo-Fijians are Hindu or Muslim in belief. We have talked and he is interested in the concept of New Testament Christianity and has invited me at a later date to talk with the "Christian" group that he meets with. He has personally introduced me to a number of people who we are trying to befriend (bankers, printers, etc). Many of these contacts will also be of great use when we finally get the funds to enable us to build a permanent Bible Training facility.

We have been here less than one year and history and experience have shown that on the average it takes up to 2 years of association with people to get them to trust you enough to let you into their trust and inner thoughts. Our objective is to be-friend and to ultimately share the saving grace of Jesus with them. Our prayer is that the foundation that we lay in our association with people here will lead to a converting change in their lives and a strong base for the Lord's church in years to come. May our God grant us the patience and strength to put in the time and efforts which this dream will require. Referring back to what Jesus said in Matthew 28 he said, "As you go.....make disciples ". Making disciples is much more than just getting people wet and then leaving them to grow on their own.

Thank you for your prayers and for those of you who provide the support which allows us to be here, THANK YOU SO MUCH and may the Lord bless you richly in this life and the life to come.

In Christian Service and because of the Cross of Jesus Christ

Tobey & Kathy