Prayer Request for Billy Moore

Hello everyone. Prayer is what keeps us going on the road to victory. Please share with me my prayer requests in your peticiones to God. Billy

• I have begun attending an AA group here in Playa Azul three times a week. I still go to my group in Lazaro two days a week as well. There are only two of us in the group here in Playa Azul. We are thinking about having an event of public information here in Playa to help us recruit new members. Please pray for this.
• Pray for my continued recovery and strength in the Lord.
• We are going to have our first leadership retreat here at our home in Playa Azul. The dates are May 1-3. The church leaders from our work in Mexico City are coming for a weekend retreat and seminar. We pray this will be the first of many.
• Pray for the new church in Lazaro Cardenas. We are growing in number and spiritual growth. Malcolm shared our vision for the coast of México and the church received it with great enthusiasm.
• Pray for our future plans for a church and mission school center in Lazaro. Also pray for our plans to build and operate a retreat center in Mira Mar as well as a rehab center for substance abuse. A full lot has been bought in Lazaro Cardenas to build the church and mission training center in the future.
• Pray for Amberlee's pregnancy. The due date is May 7th.
• Pray for our grandson Noah and his health. They are still running tests to determine the cause for his eyes problem and the inability to do certain movements he should be doing at his age.
• Andrew has decided to attend SIBI this fall with plans to come back to Mexico City afterwards to do mission work. Pray for his needed support with this decision.
• Pray for all my friends in recuperation here and in Lubbock.
• Pray for the Lubbock church of Christ and their continued growh.
• Pray for all the works here in Mexico and Latin America.
I will stop here for now. Have a great day!
Vive la visión!



I've been to find classsmates of mine from Sunset School of Preaching Class of 1986 since getting my new computor on line. Life these last 24 years have had it's share of disappointments and great joy. Perhaps you know that Debbie and I were divorced, this ofcourse being a deep disappointment, Debbie brought me to Christ and was a wonderful wife to me and Jay was a joy to call my Son. There is no greater regret I have in my life than my sin that destroyed that marriage, I can't begin to tell you the deep regret I have over this. There are two people in this world that continue to have my last name and I can't help thinking about the feeling they must have with all that. What does it mean to them? We should be proud of our names, what have I left them with? Divorce is a horrible yet I left Debbie NO Choice. I've not seen them in nearly 20 years. I have remarried several years later Laura my wife I met years after the divorce, we have two children Megan 13, Jacob 7. We attend Biddeford Church of Christ, Dennis Godin a Sunset graduate is Evangelist and Elder there. I work as a HVAC Systems installer for Local 17 in Maine. I desire very much to work with the church in Biddeford as I had in the Greater Portland Church of Christ, in Portland Maine for several years beforre moving membership back to the Biddeford church where I began 1986. I remember the lesson of Doyle Gillam at our graduation dinner where he taught a lesson of purity, faithfulness, commitment to our marriages. I recall a portion of the lesson "TuTuEni" I believe it was an African saying which ment I believe "Never absolutely Never" and applied this to the attitude we should have when tempted with infidelity. I fell short. Yet I hold to it desperately now as an older man who wishes he could go back and talk to the selfish 25 year old and ask him not to behavve in such a way that would cause this 51 year old man such pain. I CANT and wishing is for the foolish. May God have mercy on me. Please brothers and sisters of my class and anyone else who may read this I have awful regret and sadness about this and it cant be changed please dont harm yourself, your family and your Lord like this, I'm willing to publicly speak of this in this e-mail or anywhere else if only one would be turned from such sin. I've told Megan about all of this and soon my Son will be told, you see the consequences of our sins are always hard. If any of my class mates wants to reach me I'm at 134 Millturn Rd Limington ME 04049 or 207-232-4570 or May Jesus bless you all and your precious families. Joe Romano