Relocation for Brian & Melissa King

Melissa called last night to say they arrived safely in Fredericksburg, Virginia. They got there around 3 in the afternoon. They filled out the paperwork at their first choice of apartments and received a phone call about an hour later to say they were approved! The pod is supposed to arrive by the end of this week so they hope to move in on Monday.

Sounds like they hit the ground running. They went to worship service last night and afterwards went with the youth somewhere. Melissa wasn’t sure what it was yet, they were on their way to it when she called. Brian was going to the men’s 6:00 breakfast today, they were going to a small group tonight, Saturday is a door knocking campaign and the women are doing a retreat or something also this weekend.

I appreciate all of your prayers for their trip. Please continue to pray for them as they start this new work and for Melissa’s pregnancy.