Aug 2013 Monthly Letter

Jerry & Ann Hogg 462 Amanda Circle * Knoxville, TN 37922 Phone: 865-777-1768 (USA) * Cell: 076-978-3465 (SA) Skype No.: 865-223-5858 * Email: August 31, 2013 Dear Ones: We greet you in the name of Jesus, who died for our sins. We are thankful to be Christians in His kingdom, and have health and strength to do the work we have been sent to accomplish here in Africa. You are our mainstay by supporting us with your prayers and moral encouragement. The work has been very fruitful over the years. We have so many blessings in Christ and see the fulfillment of our efforts every day. Students we taught years ago now serve in various capacities throughout the country and in neighboring territories. We cannot help but take pride in their success, as well as our own. We are attaching some photos taken recently one Saturday. These show the hand-outs at the Zenzele Squatter Camp, where several of our graduates and their teen-age children, also some present SABC students, and Benoni Youth took part in seeing that the children received clothing many of our supporters bought for them to warn off the chills of Winter at this time of year. Today, there is SNOW on Table Mountain in the Cape, and the cold winds are headed our way. They say temps this weekend will be in the single digits here in Benoni, and in all of the Gauteng Province! Some names in these photos are: Lance Archer (in the stripped sweater), Benoni deacon, who leads this project, was a SABC student many years ago. Though he did not finish the 3-year course or graduate from the Bible College, he works diligently in this benevolent effort. Chris Burke, SABC graduate I taught in the ‘70's, now an instructor at SABC (with the big hat on in the photos). Deon Pohorille (took most of the photos, so he’s not shown), was a SABC student and is now a leader of the Youth at Benoni. Andrew Dlamini, a 2011 SABC graduate, lives in Zenzele and is supported by Benoni and other contributors to assist Lance in the daily feeding program. These names are just a few we could mention who are helpers and workers in the Kingdom here in South Africa. The lady in the photos is one of the cooks who help feed the children every day. She knows them well and speaks their language. She makes sure we don’t duplicate the packages given to them. Stuart & Cecilia Jones from the Sunset church in Lubbock, TX arrived on Thursday, 22 August, for 6 weeks and are staying in one of the SABC flats. He’s an elder and director of the SIBI Senior AIM program, assisted by Cecilia and others. Considered an expert on Science & the Bible, he’s here to teach some classes at SABC. They will visit other areas where SABC graduates are working. On 30 August, they flew to Zimbabwe to work with Leonard Magayo, a 2004 SABC graduate, who established a new congregation about 3 years ago in Harare. They will also fly to Cape Town to worship with churches and see places where they lived in the ‘70's and ‘80's with their 4 children as vocational missionaries. It’s good to have them! Besides teaching this term, attending daily chapel services and interacting with staff and students, preaching at Benoni and once in Pretoria, Ann and I are both consumed with the 2013 SABC Lectureship planned for 22-26 September. She is struggling to get all the lessons submitted (34 this year) to edit and format each one to make them uniform for the book. My job is making contact with speakers, not only to assign topics (that’s done), but now to get their lessons sent to us for this final stage, receive their flight plans and arrival dates, and help with accommodation. This year we have 11 overseas guests, plus many local folks are scheduled to speak on the program. We’ve had many others write to say they’ll be here! Without prayers and support from many Christians throughout the land, we could not do this work that is so vital to the overall plans at the Bible College. Folks who give so much will always be remembered for their generosity to us and for all their interest in the work here. Many Christians here in Benoni and in the States have given money for the Zenzele Anti-Freeze Fund which helped supply over 200 children with warm clothing and blankets this year. Neither the Zenzele kids (nor their parents) know who the donors are individually, but they show by their smiles they are grateful. And… So are we! God will bless people who care about others, especially the little ones! Your missionaries on the field, Jerry V. Hogg P.S. Please send donations with checks made payable to: SIBI Finance Office, 3723 34th Street, Lubbock, TX 79410, Attn: Africa Fund/Jerry Hogg. For gifts for the Zenzele kids, mark the check as: Africa Fund/Zenzele.