February 27 2015 monthly Ltr

Jerry & Ann Hogg 462 Amanda Circle Knoxville, TN 37922 Home: 865-777-1768 * Cell: 865-809-4603 Email: jvhogg@charter.net February 27, 2015 Dear Ones: We are finishing the Winter month (February) with a lot of ice and snow. The Northeastern states have been declared disaster areas with, not inches, but many feet of snow, with more to follow. We here in East Tennessee have seen icy roads that relate to less traffic moving about and light snow, in spots. Of course, this means schools and many businesses are closed down for the week. Kids love this time of real winter, staying home from school gives them more time for video games and watching TV. We who are of the “Empty Nest” crowd would rather have more pleasant days, so that we can get on with our work and daily routine. But, alas, we must endure this last Winter month and go with the flow! We trust all of you, our brethren and faithful supporters, are keeping well, staying inside and keeping warm. Our prayer is for your health and safety during this season of icy roads and snow predictions. Staying indoors isn’t too bad for Ann and me, it gives us time to get on with our studies and writings. At the present time, I am devoting a lot of my time preparing a study-guide on the Book of John that I have taught for many years at the Southern Africa Bible College (SABC). Since I am here, looking after Ann and her needs, taking her to doctor appointments, Rehab Therapy, and other appointments, and not over there, I am attempting to finish up my study-notes on John for the teacher at SABC who is filling-in for me. He first wrote that he would need the material in late April, when the second part of the semester begins, but last week he wrote that he’d like to have them ASAP– now-now! So, I got busy and am now on Chapter 12. Ann has edited through Chapter 11, and I have the first 11 chapters ready to send to SABC. Also, since I’m teaching the Book of Revelation at the West End church on Wed. Nights, I am also spending a lot of time developing an outline on that book. Another project underway is our book on the history of our 46 years of mission work. Ann has edited all chapters I have written so far. Since I have these two major outlines/study-guides underway, that has been put on the shelf, for now. Meanwhile back in the Jungle, as we’ve heard on the “Tarzan” shows – SABC’s classes began the 27th of January, Officially, the first 2 weeks are devoted to Orientation giving the new students a. Run-down on all the rules and regulations, answering their many questions about what is expected of them and refreshing things with the 2nd and 3rd-year students, assigning housing and accommodation for everybody. Since it is snowing, big-time, here in Knoxville this week, I was working on notes for Wed. Night class on Revelation, but then just heard that mid-week classes were cancelled for that night. Since that was the case, I got back to my studies on the John study-guide that the SABC teacher needs urgently! Every day is scheduled for study and writing, so I’m not just sitting around watching TV or playing in the snow. I do take a break now and then, to run to the grocery store or drug store for medicines, or to some appointment. Ann still cannot drive herself anywhere since the stroke. Did you know a person (by Law) cannot drive for 6 months after a stroke? She certainly isn’t able to do that, she can barely get herself seated in the passenger-side of the van. Besides, her eyesight hasn’t improved much since last January when she began with the eye surgeries! At times, she cannot see well enough to read my notes and to edit them. We are pleased to report that all our supporters have been so very kind to us since we became ill last year: Ann’s eye surgeries, my cancer surgery in April, and Ann’s stroke in May, with all the Rehab we have had. It is amazing how consistent you (and others) have been this past year to support the work. We do appreciate you so very much. May God bless all of your members who give so that you can keep your promises and maintain your budget. Pray for us. esp. For Ann’s eyesight and walking skills to improve. In Christ our Lord, Jerry V. Hogg SABC Faculty/Lectureship Director P.S. Since Larry York is no longer here, I will contact you myself for the next speaking appointment . LATE NEWS FLASH....the doc says NO back surgery now. PLANS ARE TO RETURN TO SA ON 18 MARCH, LORD WILLING! WE HAVE BOOKED/CONFIRMED TICKETS. another news flash.... we are in touch with a family here in knoxville who have lost everything in a fire. This grandmother was out at the time it happened.... going to a doctor! If you can help, you can send it to me and I will get the money/household goods to her. I personally have given her $300, but she needs so much, that's hardly a "drop in the bucket". Call or text me if you'd like to help. The lady is almost 90 years old, but was maintaining her own home, with some grandchildren to care for. Thanks, Jerry