Wednesday Morning Report (on Thursday) - posted on Monday

Greetings in the Lord,
We pray this finds you well this day. The weather is starting to warm up very nicely here in Athens this month. We pray it is nice where you are also.

We’ve had a pretty normal week this week here at the school. Sacrificial Systems is proving once again to be one of my favorite courses. It’s wonderful to see the excitement in the students eyes when they see that those things we once thought were just dry old rituals in the Old Testament Law are really all about Jesus Christ and God’s plan of Salvation for man-kind. The students have been reporting that they have been enjoying Sammy and Ty very much in their classes also. Sammy and Ty are on a visit to the island of Crete this week, to meet with some Christians there and have a few days of study. They will be back this Saturday morning.

We have really been enjoying having brothers with us this week from Cairo, Egypt. We were thrilled at worship Sunday evening to have the privilege of hearing them encourage us with a great lesson from God’s word. It was especially thrilling to hear them sing a moving song in the Arabic tongue. It was thrilling in that it’s not often you hear a Christian song praising Christ in a tongue we normally associate with the Muslim world. It touched all of our hearts.

Our brothers from Cairo are here with us, Sammy, Doug, and myself, discussing the possibilities of expanding the work of Sunset into the Arabic world. Give that a thought for a moment won’t you. That is a very exciting prospect. I am honored to be even a little part of such dreams and discussions.

There have been further results from the Seminar that Sammy taught on the Holy Spirit a few weeks ago at Timothy’s church. Timothy reports that this past Sunday two members of that congregation were baptized for the remission of sins, as a result of being convinced during the seminar that is what they need to do.

It’s been a good week. We continue to sow the seed, do a little bit of watering, and watch HIM bring the growth.

Have a great rest of the week.

Luv Ya
In HIS Mighty Name
Ron Kretz