We are preparing to leave tomorrow morning (Friday) for two meetings with two definite supporters. The first is with the Eastwood church in Hutchinson, KS. They have given me both the am worship time and a special afternoon "Mission Study" time to preach and give our presentation about the Singapore work.

From there we will go to Shawnee, OK to meet with George's friend (reference/lead), who has informed me of his and possibly other individual committments. From there we will probably visit the Memorial Rd church in Edmond, OK who helped us with a one time gift.

Also we are trying to arrange other meetings with interested churches in MO, KY, AL and possibly others. We have one "definite anytime" meeting invitation with a church in KY, but would really like to firm up other opportunities to make the trip more economical as well as fruitful from other visits along the way.

Just this morning we received a call from the church in Hugoton, KS (sw Kansas). They also are committing some monthly support. With the present committments made, we only need to raise $992 per month for our first year needs. Our second and following years monthly need appears to be near the $3000 mark per month.

I am supposed to receive word yet today of one other church's decision from NM.

That is where everything stands as of today (4-10-08)

We finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! Thank you for your prayers

For the Goracke family,