March 2008 Report

Life is not always fair! We often hear someone say, especially kids, "that’s not fair!" As adults, we try to explain the why’s and wherefore’s at those times. When we hear of illness or loved ones who die, even grown-ups think life is not fair: that person was so young, so healthy, so vibrant, or so important to his/her family, the community, the church. In the Bible, the word "fair" almost always refers to the female gender, fair damsel (I Kings 1:3), she was fair to look upon (Esther 1:11), or to fair weather (Job 37:22), and usually as an adjective, never an adverb. In most cases, we use fair as an adverb, something unjust!

Two South African gospel preachers have won their victory and gone to be with the Lord: Chris Savides and Brian van der Spuy. Both have suffered long, Chris from cancer and Brian has been at death’s door many times with severe heart problems. Even though expected in both situations, it was tragic to hear of their deaths last week. It’s not fair to lose such well-known, well-qualified ministers as these when South African churches need them so desperately. But, we know they no longer suffer and rejoice they were faithful to the end. Chris graduated from the Southern Africa Bible College back in the ‘70's and Brian faithfully served on the SABC Board of Trustees a long time. They will both be greatly missed here in SA.

It was great having Al & Donna Horne home in March. We moved back to our flat on the SABC campus and enjoyed being there awhile. After taking them to the airport Sunday night after church March 30th, we returned to occupy their house until their return for lectureship in September. Al preached at Benoni in March and that gave me opportunities to preach in other places; once for the Congolese group at Yeoville in Joburg, Centurion church in Pretoria, and at Daveyton. I also attended the African Lectureship near Witbank (about 50 miles from Benoni) during the Easter weekend. About 1700 were there, I was told. Students and staff began a 3-week school break on the 20th of March. Classes will resume the 16th of April. It is very quiet on campus now.

The Lord has blessed this work by providing many friends and churches who help us stay on the field and train others in the Word. Some funds, even some from South Africans, have been received to help purchase new computers for faculty and staff at SABC. Financial support and prayers are so important to our work here. Every donation is much appreciated.

A couple of our SABC’s third-year students have been studying with a group of nursing-students at a training college just down the road from campus and have baptized 3 into Christ this year. I went with them one Wed. evening to take photos of the class and those recently baptized. It is great to know the ones that we train are out working for the Lord, even while they’re students themselves!

If you have any questions about any phase of the work here, let us know and we'll be happy to tell you more about how God is working in various places on this great continent. May the Lord bless and keep you!

Training Others for Service in Africa,
Jerry V. Hogg
Southern Africa Bible College
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