Wednesday Morning Report from Athens

Greetings this Wednesday morning from Athens Greece,

I sit in my office this morning listening to the quiet of the city. Yep, the Greeks have decided to call a general strike once again. That means that all public offices and public services are closed today. That includes the banks, Post office, all government offices, half of the television stations, newspapers and all public transportation. I noticed on the internet that the airport is even closed today. That makes for a very quiet day here in Athens. The only ones out will be the protesters in the center of the city, protesting whatever they feel like protesting today. I’ll just sit happily in my office here at home and get my work done quite nicely. Might even have to make that second pot of coffee. . . . Hum, that sounds good. . . . I’ll be right back.

We finished up our school term yesterday at the school for this month and the students seem to have done very well once again. We’ll see as I plow into the grading of their final exams and term papers this afternoon. I continue to admire and marvel at their undying love of the Lord and their eagerness to study and learn more the Word of God.

Student Lawrence Agbeli, due to work commitments for the day, couldn’t come in to take his final exams until 2 p.m. yesterday. He had to go into work at 3 a.m. and didn’t get off until 1 p.m. He works as a baggage handler at the airport. He then came directly to the school, without a lunch break, and sat down to take two final exams. He finished up at 5:30 p.m. He still had a big smile on his face, but admitted he was a little tired and maybe a little hungry. He was glad for the general strike today, as he will be able to get a little needed rest.

Jamie Wootton leaves for his home and family back in the states tomorrow and we will miss having him here with us. He did an outstanding job while here and the students enjoyed him very much as a teacher. We bid him a safe journey home and we look forward to having him back with us again sometime in the future.

We look forward to Ray Hull and his wife Karren coming to be with us next week as our next visiting instructor. They arrive Thursday of next week and Ray begins his teaching assignments Sunday. This will be his first time with us in Athens. We all look forward to meeting him.

We hope this weeks update finds you very well and warm and safe in the Lord this week. We luv ya all very much and continue to keep you in our daily prayers.

See ya next week.

In HIS Mighty Name,
Ron Kretz