It was an amazing experience to see our older son Alan (pictured in red) head off to our alma mater, Lubbock Christian University a couple of years ago. We were proud of Alan and knew he would do well, but we were also a little grateful to have Daniel (in purple) still at home. This weekend the boys are loading their stuff in the back of our van and pickup and hauling it off to the apartment they will share while they go to LCU. It's quite traumatic and thrilling, which is sort of odd since their apartment is only about a mile away from us! It's a small step, but an important step for the family.

There are several great blessings that come to mind at the moment:

1. Having two sons that are faithful Christians is one of the greatest blessings that Brenda and I share.

2. Having another generation go to LCU is a great blessing. Bren and I were both blessed to have parents that saw the value of Christian education and all of our brothers and sisters went to a Christian university (all to Lubbock Christian except my brother in law Scott Adair who went to Harding - sort of a rebellious act). While it can be a bit of a burden, we are excited to see our sons experience the spiritual and academic blessings that we remember from our time at LCU.

3. Having our two sons willing and excited about living together in the same apartment. One of the benefits of living on the missionfield has been the close friendship that developed between our boys. They were classmates, roommates and sometimes the only members of their youth group. Fortunately for us, they see this as more of a blessing than a curse. I wouldn't have suggested that Alan change his housing arrangements to live with his little brother, but he did so. They seem excited. I am sure that there will be arguments and grumbling as they settle into this new situation, but there will also be two brothers looking out for one another and helping one another through this stage of life.

4. Having had a little sister join me as a student at LCU. All of this has been hauntingly familiar. When I had been in college for two years, Melissa came to LCU as a Freshman. It was a joy to have this special time with her and she didn't bother her big brother too much.

5. Having time at home where it will just be Mom and Dad hanging around the house. We were still students in Sunset when Alan was born and haven't really had much time where it has just been the two of us. I'm looking forward to it.

I find myself a little melancholy about the whole thing, and talking about the blessings has helped.  We may have to join the "Empty Nest"
small group at Sunset or something to deal with the weird feelings that come from having some extra time and empty rooms (Brenda and I already have plans for all of the extra space - she hasn't agreed to the John Wayne/Andy Griffith room yet, but she might come around).

Just in case you are interested, I am trying to recover from a bout of walking pneumonia. I have decided to blame the frigid weather in New Zealand for this illness. I guess it was worth it. 


It is wonderful to see Alan and Daniel so grown up and independent. I remember offering to hold Alan on my lap to watch fireworks the first year you moved to Portales and he clung to Brenda in a "who is this strange lady trying to get her hands on me" kind of terror. (Sorry, Alan.) I understand why you are proud of them, and melancholy about the whole thing. Sure, we raise our sons to be confident, self-sufficient and God-reliant, but do they have to do it so soon? Our nest has been empty for eight years already. Love you, Chris Lora