Dear Supporters and Prayer Warriors, There has been a few great things that happened since I last wrote and sent you our trip report to Nigeria and Cameroon. We have sent $1000 to get electricity to CAO Essien Bible College so that the students will be able to study at night. We have sent $750 for a motorcycle to Darrell Memorial Bible Institute because of the travel that Prince must make to the extension school. I am excited that Emmanuel Essien has started an extension school in Ebek, Nigeria and they meet in a church building at this time. They were not able to come to the main campus but wanted to learn God's word and so Emmanuel is traveling to Ebek three or four days a week to train there. Prince Ugbe also started an extension school in Ogoja, Nigeria for DMBI because many of the students were not able to attend at the main campus in Obudu. This is great news that so many want to train in God's word but this does required extra effort by Emmanuel Essien and Prince Ugbe to accomplish these goals. They both want the church in Nigeria to have trained leaders and ministers and are willing to make this sacrifice. We also gave $400 dollars to both CAO Essien Bible college and Buea School of Biblical Studies in Buea, Cameroon to give stipends to instructors who for the most part get nothing from the school to teach these courses. Joyce and I request your prayers and support as we leave for Ghana on October 28 through November 13, 2014. We will visit 4 schools of which three are not yet associate schools of Sunset International Bible Institute but desire to be. We will be meeting with the leaders of these schools to discuss this point. I will also be doing some teaching at each school as may Joyce. The ladies love Joyce being on these trips as do the men love their wives getting attention from a spiritual woman. As of this time, there is no Ebola in Ghana and we know that God is in control. We ask you to pray for our health. Joyce is struggling with a bad knee and I am still on therapy for prostate cancer, but we are feeling good and feel like God will give us strength to make this trip. We will also deliver 93 solar players which have all 44 courses of SIBI, 5 World Bible School lessons and 2 hours of worship music that they can listen to. This is a great tool to train people in the villages and can also be used to train the whole church. So many who have received the solar players are excited that they have help in learning God's word and also for times of refreshing in God's word. One man wrote me and said as he was writing to me, he was also listening to the Solar Player. In Okuku Yala, Nigeria they are having their 5th women's annual gathering where they will have many bible lessons, but also teach the women things such as sewing, cooking and other ways to make money to help support their families. This is a great thing for the women and many of the men are encouraged because their wives are being trained and gain great fellowship and support. Many of you have supported our work financially and we praise God for you and ask His blessing on you. Again if you would like to start supporting our work, send the funds to SIBI, Attn: Dawn Taylor, 3723 34th Street, Lubbock, Texas 79410. Please mark the check: Goodyear, Central Africa funds. Thank you for considering this. Also we ask for the prayers of all of you as we continue to try to help men and women in their training, so they will stay and teach their people the gospel of Christ in their countries. We praise God for you Dan and Joyce Goodyear