A Prayer

Dear Father God, please, may we ask of You

Some sense of the Pleasure You take in us simply because we are Yours

Some hint of the Fatherly Pride You take in our purpose to honor You in our lives…

Some idea of what our hanging in there with You through thick and thin, when we understand and when we don’t, when we see light at the end of the long dark tunnel and when no end is in sight…some idea of what this kind of faithful clinging  means to You

Some notion of the Fondness You feel for us when it is in our hearts to do good for and to You

Some vision of You, in our corner, speaking out courage and inspiration to us, even, and especially when, we’re feeling alone and forsaken…

Some ground gained…some Victory won in our lives over some sin…over some enemy…over some frustration…over some doubt…over some fear…

Some growing, inner Conviction, that You are now and will ever be with and in us, loving us into Your holiness, leading us into Your joyful Heart and thrilling us with the truth that You will never give up on us and never walk out on us. Through Christ, Amen.


This article is from reprinted Doug Oakes, Sr.. Please see original for comments.