Jerry Hogg June 2013 Report

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jerry & Ann Hogg 462 Amanda Circle * Knoxville, TN 37922 Phone: 865-777-1768 * Cell: 076-978-3465 (SA) Skype No.: 865-223-5858 * Email: jvhogg@charter. Net June 28, 2013 Dear Brethren: Here on this last business day of June, I am still in the country of Malawi, having come here on 21 June, for a 10-day venture of teaching and preaching. I plan to preach at local congregations both weekends, returning home to Benoni on 1 July. I didn’t think it would be so cold here, but it is. Africa “lives” by the sun, and when it starts to set about 4:30 - 4:45 each day, the temperature drops tremendously. I had to request an extra blanket for my bed at the motel after that first night. During the daytime, it is much more comfortable. Even though they dress warmly, with a jacket or jersey (sweater), the students don’t seem to mind it. There are 5 full-time students at the school this year and they are eager to learn. We begin the day at 8:00 and finish at 4:30. Standing on my feet most of that time gets tiring, but I manage okay. It is a joy to be here, teaching these 5 men to better serve the Lord. I’m convinced training men on the field is a much more economical and practical way of helping the church on foreign soil. I am teaching in the recently organized Sunset school, Malawi International Bible Institute (MIBI). Priestley Nkhonjers, the director who was trained at Sunset, returned home last year and began preparations to start this school to train local preachers. Some have been preaching and teaching awhile, but needed more indepth studies to adequately reach those who would listen to the Gospel. My subject since Monday of this week has been the “History of Christianity.” I am using the Sunset curriculum and making notes of my own, so it requires much time to prepare my lessons each night for the following day. The school here is being sponsored by the Green Valley CoC of Noblesville, Indiana in partnership with the Sunset International Biblical Institute (SIBI) of Lubbock, Texas. The first Sunday I traveled with Priestley to a congregation quite a few kilometres away that he had begun last year. There were about 40-50 in attendance at this church meeting in an old school building, located in a small town on the Malawi-Mozambique border. In fact, the main road through this village (or town) was the border-line. On one side where we met at the school, it was Malawi and across the street, was Mozambique! The roads were rough with many large potholes, huge rocks, and deep ditches. It was somewhat strange in that while we rode along, we listened to a lecture on a Solar Player that Sunset provided for me to share with men in remote places. It took me back, as the speaker was Richard Rogers on the book of Revelation, who was one of the very first teachers at Sunset years ago. I had him all during my 2 years at Sunset in the ‘60's. So, here was Richard teaching in the deepest, darkest bush of Africa, in a place he had never been. What a marvel is this solar technology! Sunset has recorded about 40 courses on this player. I will never forget all the memories his lesson brought back to me that day. Back home in Benoni, the youth began a clothing-drive to outfit poor children living in the Zenzela Squatter Camp. One of Benoni’s deacons (Lance Archer) works with some ladies who cook each day to feed +200 children as they come home from school. Our youth made an outline drawing of about 75 of these kids’ feet and put them on the bulletin board at the church. They asked each family to take 1 or 2 and buy warm winter clothes for that child. Ann chose a 12-year-old and bought his outfit, including a blanket, warm jacket and some toiletries. Then she emailed a number of folks in the States telling about the Benoni Youth’s project, which they termed: “Operation: Anti-Freeze.” Since then, we have received about $3850 for Lance to buy clothing and blankets for about 55-60 more kids. Zenzele has been a Benoni project for many years. For each and every donation, we are most grateful. Checks sent to Sunset are wire-transferred direct to Benoni's banking account for use at the camp. We also got some funds to help feed these kids. Lance goes to a wholesaler to buy large bags of mealie-meal (which is the basis of the African kids' diet), veggies and meat. This will help feed the children living at Zanzele for many months. Other contributors help me to go and teach/preach in Malawi and in other places. Special donations have helped purchase warm clothes for the poor kids at the Squatter Camp. God will surely bless every gift that is sent in love for His cause. Our time here on earth is so short, compared to Eternity, and we must strive every day to bless someone else’s life. We are indebted to all of you who truly love the Lord and his little children. Your missionaries on the field, Jerry V. Hogg P.S. Please send all donations with checks made payable to: SIBI Finance Office, 3723 34th Street, Lubbock, TX 79410, Attn: Africa Fund/Jerry Hogg. For donating to the clothing project, please specify “Zenzele” on your check. Jerry V. Hogg Southern Africa Bible College P.O. Box 11165 Rynfield 1514 South Africa 076-978-3465 - Skype: 865-223-5858