Happenings News of churches of Christ in Australia - February 2008

Welcome to this month’s Happenings! Thanks to those who have sent information during the last two months. If you want to send information please email it to tedpaull@hotmail.com either in text or Word files, or mail it to P O Box 41 NORTH RYDE NSW 1670 or ring (02) 9888 9664, (02) 9878 3008 or (02) 9878 1078. Ted Paull

Camp baptisms
3 young people were baptised during Camp Challenge, near Sydney – Nathan Clark from Canberra, Belinda Giles from Richmond, and Amanda Olorenshaw from Brisbane.

South East baptisms
Kate Treloggen was baptised into Christ on New Year's Day. She had been attending the South East congregation in Melbourne for some time, being the wife of one of the members. Also at South East, Dale Christensen was baptised on January 12, his 15th birthday.

Tassie Baptism
Good news from the Lindisfarne (Hobart) congregation is that. Josh Troy was baptised into Christ in January.

North Queensland Baptism
Peter Yip from Cooktown was baptised at lunchtime on January 27. He travels down from Cooktown (about 5 hrs drive each way) to worship with the church in Cairns!

Sydney Baptisms
Two young men were baptised in January at Macquarie Church of Christ. Chris Williams was taught by two sisters, Barbara Serksnys of the Merrylands church and her sister Jeanette from South Africa. Reg DeJaager, who comes from South Africa, was baptised on January 23.

Youth & Young at Heart
William Solis from the Southwest (NSW) church is the speaker for the February 24th Y&Y@H hosted by the Warringah (Sydney) congregation at 5.30pm.
Perth Baptism
Nick Tyers was baptised into Christ at the Mt Lawley congregation in January.

Victorian Camp
The theme for this year's Victorian Autumn Camp at Lake Nillahcootie is "Well Worth the Walk" - Reflections from the Book of Colossians. The adult fee for the full weekend (20-24 March) is $140. For more information contact Brett Christensen on (03) 9776 6215.

MSOBS begins
Classes in the Macquarie church’s School of Biblical Studies begin on February 3rd. First term will have seven weeks of regular classes, then three weeks of special classes taught by Ed Wharton and Jim Massie.

STAMP begins
Orientation in the Short Term Australian Missions Programme began on January 29th and classes on January 31st. Students will study for 20 weeks, followed by six months of evangelistic work with a congregation.

Progress at Mt Lawley
This Perth congregation began meeting in its own facilities on Wednesday January 16 when 31 people gathered. The address is 1/13 Townsend Street, Malaga. On the following Sunday 120 people met for worship. This congregation had 18 baptisms in 2007. Elders were appointed last week (Jan 27th) in a special service. These are Ken Deetlef, Paul Tyers, Des Tyers, Dennis vanderKraats, David Atchley, and Peter Coleman.

Camp Challenge (NSW)
Camp Challenge was a great success with over 150 full-time and part-time campers participating in the 5 days of fellowship, fun and learning adventures. Accommodation was so tight that some had to be turned away on a couple of nights! The teaching challenged campers to live out their Christian lives before the world. Given the great popularity of this event and the need for Vision Valley to know 3 weeks in advance the number of campers who will be attending, December 1 has been set as the final cut-off date for all registrations, whether full-time, part-time or day visits. Registrations are already being accepted for this year's camp. More details at http://users.bigpond.net.au/catchus/challenge2008.html or on email at bobmarks@hotmail.com

February 17th
High schoolers afternoon @ Warringah, Sydney
February 24th
Youth & Young at Heart @ Warringah, Sydney
March 21st-24th
Easter Camp @ Lake Nillahcootie, Victoria
March 21st-24th
Camp Barnabas @ Bridport, Tasmania

Church History
On the 17th February 1957, Allan Flaxman began the Lakemba church in the IOOF Hall at Lakemba. Allan was without financial support and so funded the rental and prior advertising himself. Allan, his wife Alice and two children Gaye and Bryan along with Cam La Spina were the only Christians beginning this congregation. On the first night there were 12 visitors as a result of the advertising.
Over the next few months various debates were held with denominational groups in the area. Allan was working full time in secular work and developing contacts and conducting Bible Studies at night. At the beginning of 1960 Allan was able to secure financial support and was able to work full time for the church.
The congregation gave well and saved hard and in April 1963 the congregation purchased a property at 63 Railway Parade in Lakemba where it remained until 1990. The building was extended twice to cope with the growing needs of the church.
Growth over the years was slow. Even though there were quite a number of baptisms each year, these were offset by people moving to other areas of Sydney and therefore other congregations.
In 1969 a campaign was held with Ivan Stewart from the USA. There were 63 baptisms as a result of this campaign. While some did not remain faithful through the years, Marie Peters was one of those contacted and who became a Christian and remains faithful. Marie has been a member of several of the congregations in Sydney over the years.
By 1970 Lakemba had a Sunday School of 69 children, not including adults. By 1972 there were 101 students in the Bible Classes. Over the years various lectureships, missions, Sunday school drives, puppet days, visitors’ days, overseas support in New Guinea and Africa, and benevolent programs were run with varying levels of success.
In 1982 the congregation ran “Learn English” classes to assist immigrants who were having difficulty with the language. By this time the demographics of the congregation had changed from mostly British and Australian people with a smattering of Greek and Italian to Indian, Asian and middle eastern immigrants.
Allan Flaxman retired in 1982 and moved to the Blacktown congregation. Over the years others who assisted full and part time with the work included Colin Simpson, David Adkins, Bruce Blanton, Project Good News students and more recently Les Totman for 14 years.
In 1990 the congregation sold its building at Lakemba and moved to the Bankstown area. The foundation members of the church at Bankstown were those who were members at Lakemba at this time.
The move was made primarily because of the large influx of Moslems, making evangelism in the area very difficult. The sale of the property made it possible for the congregation to fund an evangelist and purchase a demountable building that was installed in the grounds of the Wattawa Heights Public School on The Avenue at Bankstown. The congregation and the school share use of the building.
Bankstown currently has an attendance of the low to mid 40’s. They are currently looking for a new full time worker and if anyone is interested in finding out about this position, please call Bryan Flaxman mob: 0418 673 887, email: btflaxman@optusnet.com.au.
(Thanks to Bryan & Terri Flaxman for this information!)