August 2014 Report 9

August 20, 2014 Dear partners in Christ, We are trying something new this month. Please go to this site and read our most recent report. If you like some of the older ones are listed as well.!reports/cckd I am in the United States earlier than expected this year. My family called me in, as my 95-year-old mother was very ill. Unfortunately, after we arrived she did pass away. Kathy and I were by her side when she passed and that was a blessing. Another and bigger blessing was knowing that over 60 years ago she had given her life to Jesus and was baptized for the remission of sins. Though sad, our hope helps. Since I was planning on making a trip later in the year I decided it would be prudent to just stay on now and try to see some of the churches who contribute to our support and mission. I only have a month and so I will not be able to visit everyone. I won't be able to visit with all of you. Thank you for your support and prayers. We work even harder when we remember your sacrifice to help us in Recife. Things are going well. There have been many baptisms this year. There are new congregations starting this year and we should have our largest graduation of trained ministers ever this November. May God continue to bless all of you with peace, hope and strength to carry the message of Jesus to your community as well. Blessings Randy and Kathy In the states until September 24, 2014. While here: 704-562-1858 E-mail: Web page: Click on the mission report page to see our last report. Randy Joseph Short President, EBNESR Ministry Training School future EBNESR Christian College FACE Faculdade Crist√£ EBNESR Fone: (81) 9182-5409 personal Office: (81) 3342-5269 or 3341-5269 While in States: 704-562-1858 Skype: randy.short1 Facebook: Web: