The Glory Of The Ordinary

In most places, the earth is transformed twice a day, every day. We call this sunrise and sunset. It happens like clockwork. Whether it is fully or partly obscured by clouds or trees or mountains, still the lighting and darkening of planet earth goes on. Would you call that glorious or ordinary? Would you call it the handiwork of God or the lucky result of spontaneous generation and evolution?

A baby is born. Happens every day to millions of mothers across the globe. Well, of course, that is a common, natural event. Unless the baby is yours…or your grandchild…right?! Would you call it glorious or ordinary?

A young man and woman stand nervously beaming before a minister. In spite of the fact that they cannot see the future…cannot know the full import of the vows they are taking…cannot fully weigh their sacrifice on their wedding day…yet say their “I do’s” to one another. Another marriage ceremony completed, as a new marriage is just beginning. Would you call that glorious or ordinary?

A wife…a husband…goes to their respective jobs every work day. They work hard. They work with integrity. They try to do their best. The boss doesn’t have to stand over them and watch because they have proven themselves trustworthy. Would you call that glorious or ordinary?

A group of people gather somewhere on the first day of the week. They engage in some long practiced rituals meant to help them worship their Creator and be challenged to grow in all those ways He wishes them to. What do you think? Is that glorious or ordinary?

I know we can’t always go around with our mouths hanging open and ourselves completely lost in wonder. But if you are like me you need regular lifting above the perspective of the commonplace. You need more glimpses of glory. You need, more often, to think about the true glory of so much that happens around and in you.

He was only a baby. He was born in the usual way. But there was no well-crafted cradle for Him that night, in spite of the fact that His step-dad was a carpenter. He was placed, in His swaddling clothes, in an animal feeding trough. They were only shepherds doing what shepherds did every single night…watching over and protecting their sheep. There was nothing special about them or what they were doing, was there? I wonder. But the truth was, there was nothing ordinary about that night. An angel interrupted their watching and announced that something glorious had happened. A baby boy had been born in David’s city! And this ordinary looking baby was, in fact, the Savior, Christ, the Lord (Lk.2:11)! To ordinary shepherds doing their ordinary jobs, the greatest news earth had ever received to that point was delivered.

Faithfulness in the daily round of life…what do you think? Glorious!? or not so much?! If you are His, God has sanctified to you, your relationships and your responsibilities. When you are faithful in dealing with these, it is no common place. Do not call common what God has cleansed to you. The truth is, our faith enables us to see glory in even the small tasks and duties of faith…in even the ordinary men and women of God. May we not miss the glory!

This article is from reprinted Doug Oakes, Sr.. Please see original for comments.