Caribou News - Jay Repecko

Have I mentioned before that God is awesome? We started the year with a congregational meeting to discuss our five year plan and budget for 2008. To say that the meeting went well would be an understatement. The plan was very well received. If I have not previously sent you a copy and you would like one please let me know. A few of the highlights from that meeting are: Have each member involved in an active prayer and study lifestyle; To grow by one-third a year; Involve more men in the preaching and teaching; Work towards becoming self-supporting; Get more active in the community as a group; Get more active on the college campus. We also set a budget of $324 a week. This budget would cover our expenses minus the preacher salary right now.
We had a doctor from Kansas visiting with us for the last of December to mid-January. Floyd was a great encouragement to us while he was here. He was working pro-locum at the local hospital. We hope he gets to come back for another visit.
We are planning some fellowship events for the next couple of months. We are going sledding this weekend and having a fellowship/game night in March. It is my prayer that these events further bond us together and are designed for that purpose and the purpose of evangelism. We are already planning events for July, if the snow melts. A group from Auburn AL will be here from the 15th to the 22nd. They will be helping us do some work around the building and with a couple of community sings. Bob and Rosemary Payne will be back with us a week later starting on July 27th. Bob’s theme this year is “On The Other Side Of The Cross.” Considering the wonderful time we had last year I cannot wait for this year. We will be looking to advertise the hymn sings and Bob’s messages heavily.
The Caribou Bible Institute is off to a slow, but wonderful, start. Currently we have only one student, Julio, who is taking the class for credit. I think it may be the above average snow fall amounts we are getting that is affecting this. After this class ends we will be waiting until August to start up again. Summers, even short ones, are a hard time to get people to commit to a weekly class like this. We will try to advertise the start in August a little better.
I was advised at the end of January that the chaplain for Presque Isle Student Ministries has resigned and in his letter he recommended to the board of directors that I be made the new chaplain because of the commitment I already show to the students. Flo and I have done a great deal of talking about this and I will be discussing at our next business meeting. If the congregation gives its ok and the board chooses to act on his recommendation I will accept the position. The chaplain spends one day (8 hours) a week split between two college campuses. This would give me an opportunity not only to have a Bible study at UMPI but also at Northern Maine Community College. A Bible study is the one major thing the board would like the chaplain to have. Please keep this matter in your prayers. I will let you know what happens next month.
In Christian love,
Jay & Flo