March 30th, 2019

Along with your Bible, you probably find yourself reading other books on various subjects.  I would like to share three of my recent "brain munchies."  Perhaps these may assist you, if you are looking for books on these subjects.

First, Called to be Free:  A Biblical Approach to Addiction Recovery and Scriptural Wellness by Jeff Lane.  Jeff is my friend.  His book is founded on Biblical understanding and personal experience.  Please make this a part of your library if you find yourself needing assistance in addiction recovery or you would like to grow in your personal understanding of this issue.

Second, Saving Souls in the 21st Century:  An Easy to use Workbook in Personal Evangelism, Answering the Most Asked Questions by People who are Seeking Jesus by James E. Sanderson III.  I have used this material to teach and reteach Christians on understanding Scripture and the various subjects within the Christian movement as God wants it to be understood.  It has also been a "super-great" tool in evangelizing.  I recommend getting the video that goes along with it to teach the material.  Those who have studied this material, along with their Bible, find it very illuminating and helpful.

Third, As in all the Churches:  A Close Look at the Call for Full Female Participation and Leadership in the Church by John A. Fewkes.  One of the challenges for any congregation is making sure that worldly influence does not supersede God's instruction.  One way we do this is in properly understanding context of Scripture with its original intent.  As women in our society are seeking equal rights, what does God say in relation to women's role in the church.  Mr. Fewkes gives a very scholarly understanding concerning this issue.  Those who have given their endorsement include:  Everett Ferguson, Distinguished Scholar in Residence at Abilene Christian University; Jack Cottrell, Professor of Theology, (ret.); F. LaGard Smith, Compiler and Narrator of The Daily Bible; Brian Davis, World Bible School, Executive Vice President. 

This article is from reprinted The Lord's Humbled... - John Reeves. Please see original for comments.