Apr Monthly Ltr 6-1-13

Jerry & Ann Hogg 462 Amanda Circle * Knoxville, TN 37922 Phone: 865-777-1768 * Cell: 076-978-3465 (SA) Email: jvhogg@charter. net April 30, 2013 Dear Brethren: It is good to be home again. As they say, “There’s No Place like Home!” Whether we’re here (SA) or there (USA), we feel right at home in both places. During April, we visited with Al and Donna Horne a few times, as Donna must stay in bed with her left leg all stretched out with a huge bandage covering it. Her foot surgery on 14 March was very painful, but she has survived that very courageously, not ever complaining, which is typical for Donna. At first, they requested no visitors because of her pain, but eventually, they said it was better and everybody (and their brother/or wife) came to visit – some brought meals or sweets and goodies. Al has been right by her side, making the meals, preparing the tea for everyone, and doing other household chores, like shopping and the laundry. He has been the “hostess with the mostest!” In-between, of course, he must study for sermons (he preaches weekly at the Benoni church) and for classes – he does a lot of counseling and home studies. He also teaches the Benoni Wed. night Bible Study. Right now, he is presenting lessons on the “Valley of the Kings” describing events (and lessons learned) from the many kings of the Old Testament. Ann and I have enjoyed it very much, as we do all of Al’s teaching. One thing Ann did was to present Al with an apron for his kitchen duties, and a little bell for Donna to ring for service when she needed him! They took that little joke well. They are also quick with jokes and quips on occasion! During April, I preached at the Benoni church, the African church in Daveyton where I often go, and the Meadowlands church in Soweto, made up mostly of Vendas where my friend and colleague, Hubert Ramagwede is the minister and one of the elders. This church is located a couple of blocks from the very corner where the 1976 Soweto Riots began! A museum has been built on that spot commemorating that humongous event that changed the whole spectrum of this country! Inside that museum are videos and large wall photos of all the people involved that day. It is dedicated to a young boy named Hector who was the first African killed on that awful day. We remember it well! We lived here at the time, and all three of us (Ann, Rick and myself) were very ill with the flu. Ann’s sister, Arillia Huff, called us from the States that day to ask if we were “okay!” We said, “Yes, why?” We knew nothing about what was going on in Soweto which is on the Southwestern side of Johannesburg, about 30 miles from us. We didn’t have TV back then, and had not bought a newspaper that day. Strange how things develop, isn’t it? What better way to end a month than by telling you about our recent mission trip. Ann and I just arrived home yesterday (29 April) from preaching several times in the Cape, on the tip of this great continent. Bill Elliott & I were invited to speak in a weekend workshop at the Vredenberg (pronounced “Free-den-berg”) church, 100 miles north of Cape Town, along the Atlantic Ocean. We had never been there before. A SABC graduate, Terrance Sipika, works with the church in this isolated place. I was so proud of him and the 4 other graduates who spoke that weekend. We stayed with Ben & Melanie Little (SABC graduates) the week before the workshop, then in the home of a kind lady named Sara at Vredenberg. Paul Gerber of Somerset West (uncle of Louis Gerber, Benoni elder) and Phillip Hendricks (Athlone CoC) came from Cape Town to also participate. Bill Elliott flew from E. London to Cape Town, and rode with us to Vredenberg. We had a great 2 weeks in the Cape, and were treated royally! There are some fine Christians in the Cape Town area. In closing, we want you to know that your mission dollars are well-spent to help us train workers for the Lord in this place. It did my heart good to hear those SABC exes present God’s Word. They were just awesome! No man can do more than DUPLICATE himself by training others. We thank you for each and every donation that comes from our most-loyal supporters. We love you. God bless. Your missionaries on the field, Jerry V. Hogg P.S. Please send all donations with checks made payable to: SIBI Finance Office, 3723 34th Street, Lubbock, TX 79410, Attn: Africa Fund/Jerry Hogg.