News from Craig and Tomya Peters

March 1st.... Launch Date

We all knew we’d have to pull the trigger some time. It made more sense to set a date with all the funds in place. But … where would the faith be in that?

The reason for setting a date is simple … The work isn’t getting easier or getting done. My co-worker, Ted Paull is still buried in the work. He has so much on his plate and my efforts along side of him might … possibly make a dent in the work there is to do.

I type this newsletter from the safety and comfort of my office in Port Arthur, TX. The seat is comfortable. I have unlimited Internet access. I love Wendy’s restaurant. Most of my family is nearby. But as our God proclaimed in Deuteronomy 1:6-7 “You have been here long enough … Advance…”!!!

I humbly ask for your prayers. In the remainder of this newsletter you will discover the many obstacles we must overcome. I hope, by what we have discussed before, that you will help us hold firmly to the wonderful promise of this work.

Pray for our Funding. Pray for our family we leave behind. Pray for the work in Australia that it fulfill the marvelous potential. And pray always for our discernment so that our efforts build bridges and reach the masses who have been crying out for more than Religion … They cry out for a Redeemer … our Lord Jesus!

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