Triumphs and Challenges in Haiti

Challenges After their first break month back at home, the students resume their studies. Since this sixth class of the CBT began in mid-February, the directors and students have faced the inevitable challenges that have beset each class. One student from D'Osmond became seriously ill just a few weeks into school, and has only just regained his health to return to his studies. One student will not be continuing his studies. The smaller truck the directors use for transportation has begun to break down regularly. Sickness, pressure and mechanical problems are part of living in Haiti. The good news is that the Haitian directors are men of spiritual strength. They know the power of prayer and the wisdom of patience in dealing with young preachers and young congregations experiencing growing pains. In spite of daily challenges, the preaching students at the CBT continue to flourish and grow into men who can take the gospel to Haiti and help congregations grow to maturity. From the example of Fonrose, Bellot and Richard, they will learn to pray and wait on God's help. Here are some special concerns to add to your prayer list: • Fonrose is scheduled to travel to the Tennessee in June for eye surgery that will remove one eye to relieve some of his pain. • C.J. Vires, our American Administrator, will spend the first week of June at the CBT working with the Haitian Directors. • The students are back to work after their first month at home. This is always a time of homesickness and struggling to focus on their demanding studies. Please pray that they will have the strength and endurance to submit to the rigors of this transforming process. The long-awaited Alumni Seminar for our graduates was derailed by the American Airlines shutdown just as our speaker was traveling. The next available date is in December, so the directors are planning in that direction. A special reunion took place in March for the 1st Class of the CBT. Milton and Holly Eckhart and Melissa Jung (who shared those three years with them) gathered the men from that ground-breaking first class together during their medical-mission trip. Copyright © 2013 Haitian Christian Foundation, All rights reserved. You are receiving this email because you expressed interest in the Haitian Christian Foundation. Our mailing address is: Haitian Christian Foundation 402 Cypress Suite 511 Abilene, TX 79601 Add us to your address book unsubscribe from this list update subscription preferences