Important information on Charles Isenberg

Our office received this from Wayne Hatcher recently.

Dear Truitt,
I hope this finds you doing well and likewise for our beloved Sunset. 
I wanted to share some information about Charles C. Isenberg.  I sent out the following email last week, and thought I ought to at least let you know as well.  I'm thinking that you and Charles were in the same class at SSOP.  My purpose in sending this to you is not to ask for financial help but to let you know about Charles' condition so you and others at Sunset could remember him in prayer.  I pray that once Charles gets back to Kentucky that his condition might improve.  Blessings to you brother. 
Here is the email about Charles.  If you have any questions, feel free to call me. 



Dear brethren,
I trust this finds each of you doing well.  I am writing you in behalf of someone I love and care about very, very much.  It is with a very heavy heart that I share news of our dear friend and gospel preacher, Charles C. Isenberg. 

Around the first of the year, Charles was very excited about making a change to move to Bastrop, LA to work with the Lord's church there as their full-time preacher - the Central Church of Christ.   Charles and Elsie had worked with the congregation in Orangeburg, SC for some 8-9 years.  It seems that from the very beginning after Charles moved to Bastrop he experienced lots of health problems.  He was in and out of the hospital two or three times, mostly dealing with fluid due to congestive heart failure.  He has not been able to do any preaching for some time now.  Things have gone from bad to worse.  I talked with Elsie around Noon today, and she told me that Charles' preaching days are over at this point.  He has early signs of dementia.  It seems that this has been triggered when Charles blacked out and fell and hit his head.   They are going to have to leave LA by the end of June. 

Elsie is having to make most of the plans to move to Paducah where their oldest son and family live so they can be of some help to them.  She said she plans to sell most of their furniture down to the bare bones.  She hopes to move before the end of June.  Their son, Todd is checking and looking all around Paducah for a reasonable place for them to live.  

So here is where I am trying to intercede in Charles and Elsie's behalf.  They really could use some financial help for moving expenses.  I am sending this message to each of you because I feel like you might be able to seek some financial assistance where you preach, worship or perhaps you might want to help personally.   I know any amount would be appreciated by Charles and Elsie.  This has really hit me hard personally as many of you know Charles is my first cousin, but he has been as close as any brother could be.  He has been a huge influence upon me to preach the gospel of Christ.  None of us will never know what may happen to us.   If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.  If you would like to help in any way, you may send your gift directly to Elsie.  Most of all they need our prayers at this time.      

Thanks for your consideration,
Wayne Hatcher
Horse Cave Church of Christ
Church office 270-786-2550