March 2013 Monthly Report

Jerry & Ann Hogg 462 Amanda Circle * Knoxville, TN 37922 Phone: 865-777-1768 * Cell: 076-978-3465 (SA) Email: jvhogg@charter. net March 31, 2013 Dear Brethren: We arrived back in Benoni, South Africa on 14 March. We were home again under the Ol’ Chestnut Tree. Though tired and a bit weary, we wasted no time unpacking and getting settled in. It was such a joy meeting the new crop of students at the Southern Africa Bible College (SABC) when I went for chapel the next morning. They sang as sweetly and harmoniously as only SABC can that day. It is always good to greet a new group of those who have come to learn more of God’s Word and become teachers and preachers in God’s Kingdom. We are glad to be here in South Africa once again. Because of the lack of insurance here and medical/dental issues, our grandson, Joey, did not come with us this year. When we left the States on March 13th, Joey was staying with his paternal grandparents and happy as a lark! Having made plans to visit many other places this year, Bill Elliott and I began implementing our teaching schedule by participating in the Easter Weekend Lectureship the end of March. Hubert Ramagwede and other African brethren had made all the arrangements to conduct this year’s Lectureship on the campus of UNISA (University of South Africa) in Johannesburg, for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It’s about an hour’s drive away, so we had to leave early on that Friday, and each morning of that weekend. We also took some of the SABC students with us each day. Both Bill & I each taught a class. Overseas speakers this year were Jack Evans, Jr., John & Marcia Tillman, and Cedric Thomas. Every class was packed to the limit and everyone enjoyed the weekend, esp. the singing. The numbers were close to 2600, I was told. Next year it will be held in Gaborone, Botswana. This has been an ongoing annual event for many years of great importance to the African church. Several of the teachers from SABC attended some of the lectures. After getting lessons organized for the Easter Lectureship, I then began preparing material for two classes I will be teaching in the Capetown weekend Lectureship, the end of April. Ann and I plan to drive the 1000 miles through the Karoo down N-1 to Cape Town. Bill Elliott will also be speaking there and will travel back to Benoni with us. He flies to East London to spend a few days with the church at Keam Road and will then take a flight on to Cape Town to meet us there. Should be a most exciting trip! We haven’t been in Cape Town since about 2007, but have many SABC graduates there. Before leaving Knoxville in mid-March, Larry York and I spent two weekends on the road, speaking on behalf of the work here in preparation for the year’s mission work. Whether I’m here or there, it is always a pleasure when we travel to other places to meet Christians that serve the Lord faithfully and have a vision to spread the Word throughout the world. We do appreciate each and every donation given to help us do the work we came to Africa to carry out for the Lord’s Cause. Churches and individuals from many places assist us to remain here and provide funding to travel and contact others interested in making disciples for the Master. May you enjoy blessings from above for your part in this mission effort. We covet your prayers as we travel to spread the Word of God to others in Africa. Your missionaries on the field, Jerry V. Hogg P.S. Please send all donations with checks made payable to: SIBI Finance Office, 3723 34th Street, Lubbock, TX 79410, Attn: Africa Fund/Jerry Hogg.