Dear all, I thought you would like to see the photos of the building that many of you gave funds for and also a report from Emmanuel Essien. I have also attached my report of my recent trip to Brazil to work with the missionaries that Southwest Church of Christ in Tigard, Oregon work with. If you have received the report just delete it. I also want you to know that I send the second year courses to the Buea College of Biblical Studies which they are about to begin. I also sent $1100 to purchase a TV, DVD play and a generator to Sierra Leone for to start their first year of course materials from SIBI. I am working with these two areas to get at least a partner school and soon I hope an associate school with SIBI. This would not be able to happen without your kind gifts. I would again plead with any of you if you know congregations who are willing to allow me to speak on the Africa works I would appreciate your help in securing these speaking engagements. God bless Dan Note from Emmanuel: Dear brother Dan and others, I bring you greetings from my family and brethren from Nigeria.My family continues to pray for the sick and especially that brother that just had surgery in the hospital.Please find attached documents sent from me.God bless you all as you continue to serve Him. God bless Emmanuel
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