I am more convinced now than I was years ago that the life God’s folks are living now is not really about arriving but about traveling. Do you agree? Sometimes it is difficult to keep that truth in mind. But it seems to me the more that focus is kept, the more it helps with life’s ever-changing circumstances. God’s people who have preceded us confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth. They were looking for a better and true home (see Hebrews 11:13ff). And their quest didn’t make them less here on earth, it made them more. Their hopes were not tied ultimately to this life or this world. Their hope was kept safe in heaven for them. So they were kept safe by that same hope. Granted that one’s definition of safe needs scriptural adjustment. When we consider the Biblical record of God’s followers, they did not appear to others to be in a safe condition. They often appeared to be very vulnerable and in great danger. But believers accept (don’t they?), that real safety means they are kept in saving relationship with their God. And whether they have it good or bad in this life, ultimately, they are safe. Whenever things aren’t going the way we had hoped, may we remember that it’s still alright. God will make all the needed corrections one of these days. And His people are safe with Him whether in trouble or out of it, whether with plenty or not enough, and whether in life or in death. So let’s give it a good shot at living here so as to honor Him by blessing those around us in His Name. It’s not always easy. But it is simple. And it is right. Don’t you think?


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