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Volume 2, Issue 4 October - December 2012 DEAR ONES: Another year has come and gone. It's true ... the older we get, the quicker time does seem to fly by. We look back on 2012 with thankfulness at all the wonderful blessings we've been given, the amazing things we've been a part of, and for the incredible people who have helped make it all possible. We are looking forward to 2013 with excitement and anticipation at what our perfect God will do with these not-so-perfect servants. The vision He is continually placing on our hearts just keeps getting bigger and bigger ... and we are anxious to see how He will bring it all about. Thank you for joining us on our journey in Singapore and South East Asia. Because He said "GO"! Brandi and Penny Kendall For Up-to-the-Minute, Daily Musings, Experiences and Photographs of the Kendalls: On Mission in Singapore ... visit us on FACEBOOK HOME IS WHERE YOUR PEOPLE ARE The end of 2012 brought us back to the States for our first furlough since arriving in Singapore. We arrived safely on U.S. soil on November 4 after a non-eventful but very long 25hr trip. Our hop across the world took us from Singapore to Seoul to Dallas ... and finally to the beautiful faces of some of our children and grandchildren in Lubbock, Texas. For those of you who asked for details of our travels ... here is an account of our crazy but wonderful trip home. For those of you who could do without them, feel free to leap to the end. [November 4] ~ We hit the ground running from the moment we arrived. We got there just in time for Penny to join our daughter, Lacey, on her bridal shoot. Though her momma/photographer was not in charge, she was graciously allowed to grab a few lovely shots from the sidelines. The next few days brought a little rest to conquer jet-lag, some special time with our son, Jared (and his sweet girlfriend), our daughter, Lacey, and son-in-law to be, Aaron, lots of snuggle time with the grand-girls, a beautiful bridal shower ... and attendance at the Sunset International Bible Institute "50th Anniversary" Celebration. We were blessed to see a few old friends and to be encouraged by many of the men we hold dear as mentors and fellow workers in the Kingdom. [November 12] ~ We left Lubbock in our little rental car to begin our some 4000 mile trek of reporting and visiting. Our first stop was Granbury and the Dallas/ Ft Worth area, where we enjoyed a great time with precious friends, saw various doctors and the dentist, took care of all kinds of 'business', were blessed by a lovely fellowship in our honor, met with the mission's committees of our supporting congregations at Legacy Church of Christ and Keller Church of Christ ... and spent a lovely Lord's day with our sponsoring congregation at Saturn Road Church of Christ. [November 19] ~ Off to Bryant, Arkansas, a town where we ministered several years ago. We spent a couple of days with special friends and several of our old church friends/supporters dropped by for a visit. We enjoyed lovely fellowship, constant encouragement, much laughter and lots of yummy home cooking! While there, Penny was honored to do a 1-yr birthday photo shoot for precious Jacob Dustin (who was named in honor of our late son, Dustin). We sure missed seeing some of our special people there but it was a wonderful visit. Can't wait to do it again! [November 21] ~ Headed east via Memphis, stopped at Cracker Barrel to lunch with an old friend and then onto Dickson, Tennessee, where our youngest daughter, Kayli was waiting to meet us. We spent the Thanksgiving holidays with her and our oldest daughter, Courtney, hubby Adrian and 3 precious, rambunctious grand-boys. We stuffed in lots of hugs, giggles, photo taking, vision sharing, antique-shop hopping ... and of course, the eating of more-than-we-needed traditional holiday food. Our time there wasn't long enough! [November 26] ~ Traveled south to Alabama for a visit with great friends and fellow workers in the Kingdom and to share our Singapore story with our supporters at the Summerdale Church of Christ. [November 29] ~ Off (with a chest cold coming on) to Louisiana to spend a few days with our daughter, Amber, hubby Joel, and the last 4 grand-babies that we had not yet wrapped our arms around. We stopped in New Orleans to have lunch with Penny's mom, little sister, and nephew ... and to visit with her dad at the nursing home before going onto Sulphur. We stuffed in oodles of hugs and giggles there too, a lunch with a special friend, a mother/daughter play day, a birthday ice cream party for Penny, an attempt at a boy's hunting day, some good Cajun food, and lots of late night talks. Wish there had been more time! [December 4] ~ Piled 4 adults, 4 grandchildren and gobs of essential wedding paraphernalia into two vehicles and began our 12hr journey back to Lubbock for THE BIG DAY. We met up there with the rest of the Kendall Klan and let's just say ... craziness ensued. The next few days were spent in the rush and excitement of wedding preparations (with many of us trying to push through the illness that was running rampant through all the families). [December 8] ~ When the WEDDING day arrived, the bride was lovelier than ever, the weather was perfect, the decorations were simply beautiful, the ceremony (performed by her daddy) was touching and sweet, and the reception was festive and full of joy. God poured grace on all of our weary bodies and when it was over, our daughter had a new husband, we had a new family-in-love ... and we were blessed. [The Rest of the Story] ~ The day after the wedding, bronchitis and the flu officially won the battle. What happened for several days after that is a bit of a blur. There are vague memories of being wrapped in blankets, clutching boxes of tissue, sipping chicken soup, taking lots and lots of pills ... and whining, a lot of whining! Strep throat and two different strains of the flu systematically claimed almost all of the family that had been together. We would later come to refer to this time as the 'seriously, the worst we've ever felt' period. We're all just glad we lived through it! Unfortunately, our plans to do more travel after the wedding had to be cancelled because of our illness and we stayed at our daughter's house in Lubbock for the duration of our time in the States. Our time there, though much of it spent feeling icky, was such a gift. We had a wonderful, quiet Christmas with those we love and made our traditional holiday goodies together. We were blessed with more family time and grand-girl time than we thought we'd have. We enjoyed being together and getting to know the Bell family; the new extension of our crazy bunch (though it could be that they are as crazy as we are). We laughed and played (and played practical jokes on each other), gave lots of hugs and spoke words of encouragement, shared memories and made new ones. God has a way of blessing even the most inconvenient of circumstances. We once read that "HOME IS WHERE YOUR PEOPLE ARE" and that couldn't be more true for us. We've been to and lived in many places and in each one, have left people that are dear to our hearts. These last two months, we've been blessed to have gone home to the States and are so thankful for the time we had with our dear ones there; our family and so many of you. For those of you that we missed on our travels (or not-travels), we are surely sorry. We pray that God will make a way to see you soon. In the meantime, we are thankful to have come home to Singapore and to be with our dear ones here. We can't wait to see what God has in store for us all! TO SE ASIA - From Singapore ... See Our SINGAPORE SLIDESHOW here SIBI ~ SINGAPORE ... Looking Ahead in 2013 Here we are in between the traditional calendar and the Lunar or Chinese New Year. Here in Asia, there is a strong sense of newness and refreshing, of moments and opportunities just ahead, each promising something yet unknown, but no doubt full of both resource and challenge. Sunset International Bible Institute-Singapore finds itself right in the middle of that atmosphere of wonder and hope ... students have all returned from their long holiday break, all having been home to native countries, families, and the ministries that their individual sacrifices have separated them from while at school. Some students have returned for their home stretch with only a few classes left to finish and only a few short weeks before they will graduate from their long journey of study and discovery. March graduation, our very first, is just down the road for them but the transformations that are taking place in each of their hearts are just taking shape and promising to move each of these students to places that only God can yet lead. This graduating class will be a bit smaller than we all had expected, due to a long awaited and prayed for pregnancy for Sam and Emily, two of our original Chinese students. They will be finishing up their studies by extension since government rules and family traditions keep Emily from delivering here in Singapore. Pray for this wonderful couple, their new addition, and the ministry yet to be born from their studies. What a journey they have ahead! Spring is also a time when many visiting teachers come from the States and share their gifts of knowledge and insight. We will see five or six of these men of God in just the first half of the year. Their coming and going brings fresh faces and a sense of new excitement with every new class and special time for the students to rub shoulders with these amazing men of life-long commitment to God and the spread of His word. Along with these great men, January brought us a new student from Vietnam, a third generation Christian and minister of the gospel. Hong An has begun his studies at SIBI-Singapore and we pray and await for the arrival of his wife as a part of our student body. We also look down the road to receiving a number of other students who will be going through the process of leaving homes, jobs, and ministries to join the student body in our usual July student intake. Every one of these men and women give us all a sure sense of amazing things yet to come. Please keep all of our students and teachers in your prayers as we move forward into this new year. We will be visiting several local churches, several other countries and mission points throughout SE Asia in an effort to find new students and new teachers who can make the SIBI experience a powerful influence in this part of the world. Penny and I will be continuing the process of honing our own skills as we attend "Life Coach" training and also continue our feeble attempts at learning the challenging Mandarin language. Along with Keith Gant as one of our regular teachers, we hope to bring on one of our graduating students as a staff member; helping to better facilitate recruiting, and all around student life and relationships among those coming to be a part of the school. Our year looks to be a journey full of all the challenges and wonderful blessings that always come with the spread of the Gospel. Thank you for the part that you play in our ministry, for your prayers and numerous forms of support and encouragement. Know that you will continue to be central figures often mentioned in our prayers. {blk} Special Prayer Request When we made the decision to leave our home and work in Texas to join the work in Singapore, we knew there would be financial challenges, as well as, lots of details to work out ... and there were. We had to sell most of our belongings, our vehicles, and most importantly our special-to-our-heart house. Unfortunately, we hit some roadblocks along the way. God had plans for our vehicles to be a blessing to others rather than to sell them and we were blessed by that, too. But .. because of situations beyond our control, our home did not sell before our leaving, either. We are so thankful that our son, Jared, was able to stay there and care for the house until he pursued a new job in Lubbock last March. When he left, we were blessed to have friends who leased the house with the intention of staying until at least the Spring of 2014. It seemed a good plan to let the house 'rest' until the market improved and the timing of the lease end would line up with our next furlough, so we could deal with re-listing it on our next trip home. As we are often reminded ... God's ways aren't always our ways ... and sometimes understanding what He is doing and for what purpose, isn't easy. And so, with an unexpected job relocation, our renters will be moving in a few weeks and we've been seeking guidance of how best to line up with His plan. With much prayer and our limited wisdom, we are from across the world, in the process of readying and re-listing the house for sale. We really feel a need to sell the house instead of renting it, if at all possible. Either way, it's not an easy task to accomplish from so far away. It all seems so insignificant when compared to all the important issues that many are facing but we are feeling a little stressed and distracted by the burden of this. If you would, would you just ask the Lord's favor on us? Would you ask the Lord to show His power ... to bring a quick sale -- at a great price? Thank you for blessing us with your many prayers on our behalf. We know they will make a difference. {Special thanks to our sweet sister-in-Christ, Freddie Crawford, who has worked many hours on our behalf with nothing but a jewel in her crown as compensation. We are greatly blessed by her generous service and we know she will continue to work hard to get it sold}. PRAYER & PRAISE PRAISE Safe Travels to The States and Back Financial Provision and ... for those who have made sacrifices to see our Singapore vision become a reality ------- PLEASE PRAY FOR ... 1st Graduating SIBI Class ~ 2013 Recruiting Students / Teachers ~ 2013 Blessings for our daughter, Lacey, and her new husband, Aaron Bell Kaylis' Spring Semester at Harding University Sale of our Texas Home (see above) Continued Financial Provision That we may see clearly and respond purposefully to the direction of God's mission for us in Singapore ... and That we may bring Glory to God in all that we say and do HOW CAN YOU HELP? Prayer Warriors Your prayers to the Father on our behalf are coveted and greatly appreciated Financial Monthly Contribution One-Time Contribution {Mission Trips, Healthcare} PARTNERING ... Thank you for your prayerful consideration to partner with us in the Singapore work ... Contributions can be made online at: PARTNERS IN SINGAPORE OR Checks may be mailed to: SIBI Attn: D Taylor ~ Int'l Finances 3723 34th St. Lubbock, TX 79410 Be sure to mark cks: KENDALL - SINGAPORE OUR DEEPEST THANKS to those who have contributed to our monthly living/working fund, to our Stateside travel expenses, and to our mission travel fund. God has blessed us greatly through you. Our 4th Qtr. financial partners are ... L. Bowen * J.Broyles * J. Bullock * W. Chong * S.Dix * M.Foreman * M.Gilbert Granbury Ch of Christ (Victory Class) * Keller Ch of Christ * Legacy Ch of Christ J.Little * R.Mearns * J.Meeks * C.Moody * J. Norris * G.Orren * C.Parks Pasir Panjang Ch of Christ * Roseville Ch of Christ * Summerdale Ch of Christ Saturn Rd Ch of Christ * A.Steed * J.Townsend * K.Tryck * T.Webster * C.White Thanks to our friends who have shown us so much 'care' with packages, goodies, cards, get-away weekends, special get-togethers while we were in the States, and help in various areas, as well as, the continual blessings we receive from the precious people in Singapore and the Pasir Panjang Church. Our hearts swell with appreciation at the love and care we receive daily. CONTACT US: BRANDI AND PENNY KENDALL BK's Cell: 65-9106-2135 ~ PJ's Cell: 65-9106-2136 US # 817-768-8816 {Central Time +14 hrs} EMAIL: WEB: If you'd like our mailing address, just drop us an email. We'd love to hear from you!