Sunset International Bible Institute

From its early beginnings, Sunset International Bible Institute (previously Sunset School of Preaching) has been under the oversight of the Sunset Church of Christ eldership. The Sunset congregation’s eldership serves as the board of directors for the school. Through the years, there have been discussions about the best structure for the institute, and it has always come back to the fact that the current arrangement is the most effective and efficient. There is a close relationship between the two organizations. The institute’s residential campus is housed in Sunset’s church building along with the faculty and staff offices. Residential classes are conducted in classrooms that are jointly used between the church and the institute. It has been remarked by some that the Sunset church building is one of the most utilized church buildings in the brotherhood. Both entities benefit from each other. The excellent instructors in the school serve as a great resource to the congregation in preaching and teaching, and the institute benefits from classroom and office space, utilities, and guidance from the congregation’s eldership. Truitt Adair, SIBI president, has said many times that he would not want the arrangement to be any other way. He believes the institute needs to be under the direction of a local eldership. That accountability is important, and time has proven this arrangement to be very beneficial for both entities. Bob Crockett, one of Sunset’s elders, serves as chairman for SIBI’s board of directors. He and Truitt work closely together. Important decisions including budget approval and hiring of teaching personnel are always vetted by the board of directors. This responsibility residing within the eldership has proven to be very valuable in maintaining doctrinal purity within the institute’s teaching staff. Day-to-day decisions are left to Truitt Adair and his staff. We are grateful for the board of directors and their interest and concern for the school and its place in God’s Kingdom. They serve a vital function in maintaining a guiding hand for the institute. Twelve elders currently serve on the SIBI board of directors.

As an update to the ongoing search for a new president to follow Truitt, the presidential search committee is currently investigating a group of qualified candidates. Please continue to keep the committee and the selection process in your prayers.

Bob Jackson, Assistant Vice President of Advancement

reprinted from Lifeline