Hello from Thailand

Greetings! Please keep us in your prayer this week. The Laotian brethren in Laos are in the process to register the churches of Christ in Laos with the government. This process stated more than five years ago, but the people in the high ranking positions in Laos kept changing. Three month ago, I visited with Mr. Khamyad who is the Deputy Director at the Religion Affair Office under the Lao Front of Reconstruction And Edification Committee to resume the process. The meeting went well. He has the desire to get to know the churches of Christ first hand. The Laotian churches requested that I invited the Laotian official to come to Thailand to visit the churches. This week, five people from The LFREC, Interior Department, Foriegn Affair Department and the Religion And Cultural Department are coming to visit us in Thailand. I will take them to visit Watcharapon Church, Christian Fellowship Foundation, BSLI, Ramkhamhaeng Christian Center, Somprasong 4 Church, Thai Saint Foundation and the Victory Tree Family Home for the Adandoned Children. I prepare special Power Point to tell them about the churches of Christ in Thailand, in Laos, in the different countries and the benevolence works by the churches of Christ around the world. I hope that this visit will help build better understanding and trust. They will arrive tomorrow and return to Vientiane on Friday. Megk, Tuli and Por (a young lady who graduated from BSLI) and I are going to spent a lot of time with these official this week taking them to all the places mentioned above. Artit, Benz and Prae and Jin will keep the BSLI and RCC running taking care of the Bible students and the BSLI Summer students. Yai and Nong will work on my books to publish some of them in the coming months. God's blessings, Patinya Church of Christ Tai for the Savior Thailand