Sep 2012 Monthly Report

Jerry & Ann Hogg 472 Amanda Circle, Knoxville, TN 37922 (865) 777-1768 * email: October 5, 2012 Dear Brethren: It’s almost time again to pack up the suitcases and board that plane heading home. With just a few days to go, the SABC Lectureship now history, we are all thinking of being with our friends and family on that side once more. It has been just grand being in Benoni this year. Having survived Winter out here, we look forward to a few days of Fall weather before Winter starts all over again for us. We totally missed Summer in the States this year. Pray for our safety and health as we travel North. Our Joey has 5 doctor appointments the week we land in Knoxville, and 2 others in November, with possibly 2 surgeries pending. The lectureship theme on the Book of Psalms was a real hit! Everyone seemed to enjoy it. We’ve gotten many compliments during and after that annual event that attest to this fact. The seminar lessons each day presented folks with options of dealing with marriage enrichment, counseling for different situations like grief, drug addiction, and suicide, while I offered a more intense study on various chapters in the Psalms, in addition to main lectures of specific Psalms at night and at other times throughout the day. We had visitors from all over South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland (to name a few African nations represented), some from Australia, Canada and the USA. Night-time attendance was at an all-time high, being over 335 each night with Sunday night’s 520, and 473 Sunday morning. And.... The singing from that many strong voices with special accents in the different languages really raised the rafters this year! Our students outdid themselves on Banquet night singing in various languages. As they say: "A good time was had by all!" We had 5 visitors from Memorial (SABC’s sponsoring church) in Houston, TX, 3 of them speakers, 2 from Athens, TX, and 2 from Tampa, FL (also speakers). The Horne’s had 3 from Texas as house-guests for the week, while we catered to 4 Memorial folks who stayed in our former flat and the one next door. Nine of us went to Kruger Park after lectureship to view and capture some animals on film. A visit to South Africa is just not complete without a trip to Kruger! I spent a week in Malawi with 4 other Americans (2 from Indiana, 1 from Oregon and 1 from Texas) to visit the proposed SIBI-linked school. We met with the local board to discuss details of this new training program. A Malawi brother, Priestley Nkhanjera, spent a year studying at Sunset to prepare for his role in conducting studies for incoming students. Property donated by the chief is being developed for this project. We also witnessed the opening of a mill to grind corn for people in the village. This will be of great help to them for a long time to come. This year has had its ups and downs, but with faithful supporters backing our work, we feel most blessed to be here teaching classes and assisting students and others to enjoy a closer walk with our Lord. In the next few days, in-between the packing and closing up the house here under the Chestnut Tree (which was a late bloomer–we thought it would never show green leaves), I will finish reading papers the students have turned in, and prepare final exams to be given after we depart. I always enjoy my classes with the SABC students. Every year brings us new, exciting students from varying backgrounds. We are grateful for your financial assistance and look forward to visiting with many of you sometime in the next 3 to 4 months while in the States. God bless each one who send donations to keep us working for the Lord’s Cause in this land, far from home. Preaching the Word in Africa, Jerry V. Hogg P. S. Please send all donations made payable to: Sunset Church of Christ, SIBI Financial Office, 3723 34th Street, Lubbock, TX 79410. Attn: Africa Fund/J. Hogg.