1) IT’S ONLY FOR STRUGGLING MARRIAGES. Not true … our workshops are for every marriage, no matter where you are (bad, fair, good or great). We have couples that have been married for 2 weeks, 2 years, 20 years and 50+ years. This workshop is for any marriage … no matter how good or bad.

2) THEY’LL MAKE US DO EMBARRASSING STUFF.  Not true … unless you think it’s embarrassing to sit, take a few notes, laugh, and learn a LOT of cool stuff.

3) IT WILL CAUSE MORE PROBLEMS IN MY MARRIAGE. Not true … it may make you communicate about some problems, but it won’t cause them. I promise, if you’ll attend a workshop, you’ll leave with a better marriage, not a worse one.

4) MARRIAGE WORKSHOPS ARE FOR WOMEN, NOT MEN. That’s a BIG NO WAY! We actually get some of our best feedback from our husbands who say, “We loved it.”  We believe that the men who attend a workshop with their wives are the most manly men we know, because they’re willing to step up to the plate and work to improve their marriage instead of wimping out and not going.

5) IT WILL TAKE UP ONE OF MY VALUABLE WEEKENDS. Okay, maybe that is not a myth, but it will SO be worth it. Anything you value takes time to maintain it. The same is true with your marriage. So why not give up one weekend to greatly bless your marriage?

** NOT A MYTH … if you’ll come, your marriage will be blessed.


This article is from reprinted Trey Morgan. Please see original for comments.