Dear Brethren,

With new news coming in by email this past weekend, I received word that a couple more supporters are coming on board with us. Our monthly commitment is now at 77% if all stay aboard. This of course, includes approximately $11,000 of extra one-time funds that we are rolling over towards our 1st year monthly needs. You know what that means for our 2nd year needs.

With the decline in the value of the US dollar to the Singapore dollar (from 1.64 to the present 1.37) we realize the need to "readjust" for our financial needs. Sadly, this will probably require the need to raise more funds, so our present 77% committed monthly funds may not be as sound a number as we would like it to be.

Due to a death in my step-father's family, we will be traveling this week to tend to such.

Just wanted you to know of the latest.

Blessings to all of you,