Shalom In Psalms: A Review.

Greetings everyone! For this review, I have completed reading a book called Shalom In Psalms. This is a fantastic book. The subtitle is a great outlook in to the book: A Devotional From The Jewish Heart Of The Christian Faith.

For one thing, the authors used a Bible translation called Tree Of Life Version ( which I thought was excellent. It seemed to be a good translation of the original Hebrew text. The authors used this Bible translation and added their commentary along with the biblical text.

I thought the authors did a great job of talking about the key Hebrew words in each Psalm, the application in the times of the writings, how they all apply to Jesus, and how Christians can use these Psalms in our own lives.

I would highly recommend this great resource.

If there’s anything here I’ve left out in this review, or any thoughts, or questions please let me know.

God bless you all. Grace and Peace.

This article is from reprinted Zack Blaisdell. Please see original for comments.