August Newsletter from Doris

Well, it is getting on into the month of August and we will be having our annual church camp on the 25th with Bro. John Rice from Alabama. One of the elders from our supporting congregation, Roanoke Church of Christ is coming with him and I am excited to meet with him about future plans. The students are getting excited and we are trying to get organized. There is so much going on and I am teaching 6 - 7 classes a day. Sophy is beginning to pick up some of what I am doing and is able to help me out, but he isn’t ready for “conversation” yet. Yes, I said conversation. I have learned that some of the students know more than they are saying, so I am trying to “pull’ it out of them. We also have then saying “phrases”. For example, which also teaches manners, they would say, “May I have a drink of water, please?” The same with the bathroom. Now, they are having to say, “I have decided that I want to be reliable.” Now, you may be wondering, what in the world is she doing? This all comes from a program called “Character Counts”. I spoke with Dr. Nat Cooper in Lubbock who works with this program at Lubbock Christian University. It is a world wide program and I would love for him to come here and teach this program to the teachers, Ministry of Education, AND all government officials. Just today it was in the newspaper where the students are having to turn in their cell phones as they have taken pictures of notes so they can pass their test! The Ministry of Education is working on the problem but I told Sophy it isn’t the phones, (actually a pretty unique idea for cheating) it is the ethical principles of the people. Now, as I have not been trained in the program I hesitated to try and use it but after speaking with Dr. Cooper he assured me to use it as I can. It is a slow process as it is totally foreign to them, even with Sophy, Vannak and SokLeap. But they are enjoying working with it. (Nat, I will call you soon.) It isn’t with them so much the idea but the approach. They are taught good principles but in the business world so much of it is lost. Also, the all mighty dollar is so very important. Some teachers will let the students pay them to pass them to the next grade! What I am hoping for is by instilling it in our school that the Ministry of Education will take notice and ask about the program. I would love nothing better. It will take time I am sure. Please pray about this and for all of our work as there is so much going on that I cannot cover it all here. Number one is for workers. You never know when God may tap you on the shoulder! We are in the process of getting a “paper” newsletter sent to people so you can read and reread! If you are interested in getting our updates please send me you snail mail address. I love and miss all of you and may God bless, Doris