Lima Report February 2008

In Chincha the harvest is ready, in more ways than one. Six months after the earth quake and right on time the grape harvest has come in abundance. My last trip down to Chincha I returned with many gifts including two baskets full of ripe grapes. For those of you who do organic these grapes were raised without any pesticides, etc. and they are very super sweet. Amy and I along with the girls and my in-laws spent the entire evening the next day squeezing and pressing the grapes. We now have fresh grape juice to last for several weeks.

Our brother Victor continues preaching and teaching the word in Chincha. There are three groups receiving his weekly lessons. In total the number of students are about 60. Victor has served the folks in Chincha during some very dificult times. To show their appreciation they decided to host a huge celebration for his birthday. They asked me to do the cooking!!!!!!!!

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