A report from the Hoggs of Africa

Jerry & Ann Hogg 462 Amanda Circle, Knoxville, TN 37922 Phone: 865-777-1768 * Email: jvhogg@charter.net I suspect everyone has experienced something happening to them that they did not plan or anticipate would ever take place in their lives. After a visit to our family doctor and undergoing a number of tests, he made an appointment with the urologist for a routine observation. A few days later, I was called to return for a more detailed blood test at the urology office. Still thinking everything would be okay, I continued reporting to various supporting churches. I thought perhaps I should also make the necessary plans for returning to South Africa, but did not actually book my return ticket. After the second blood test, the results were a little more serious. This time the numbing word cancer was used by the doctor as a possibility. It was now necessary to do a biopsy on my prostate. Still, in my heart, I believed the biopsy would only confirm that everything was alright, and we would soon be returning to our beloved work at the Southern Africa Bible College. Larry York and I attended the Freed-Hardeman Lectureship 2-5 February where we set-up our display to promote the Bible College, and were blessed with encouraging and spiritually-profitable lessons at this event. Because of the timing for the biopsy and receiving results, we had already postponed our return trip back to South Africa. I was originally scheduled to begin teaching on Monday, 27 January. However, I had written to the brethren at the Bible College informing them I would now be a little late returning, and asked for someone to fill-in until I got back. It should not be that long before we left the States and returned to South Africa. The Urologist told me at the time of the biopsy on 29 January that he would call either on Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week. Even though he had indicated there was a chance of prostate cancer, I still believed the test would show I was clear, and we could leave for South Africa! HOWEVER, Wednesday afternoon, on our way back from the Lectureship, I got the call from my urologist confirming there was definitely prostate cancer! That word was totally devastating. Not me! I called Ann and there were tears from both of us as we talked. After this news came, I had a number of appointments, talking with others, reading articles about the different types of treatment, and, of course, postponing our return trip to South Africa. After talking again face-to-face with my urologist, who will do the surgery, new arrangements had to be made which will affect our mission efforts in South Africa? I will have prostate cancer surgery 3 April . Recovery and further testing will take about 3 months before we can return to our normal activities in doing the Lord’s work. Right now, we are planning to return the end of June or the first of July. I have written to all of our supporters with the latest news and plans -- with a hope that everyone will understand the reasons for delaying our return to the work. Also, we kindly requested they please pray the treatment will result in total healing, and that we can still be involved with the Lord’s work unhindered for many more years to come. I took Ann to visit her eye doctor yesterday and the news was not good. After cataract surgery on her right eye, she has been checked twice. This doctor says the eye is still swollen and she must continue to use drops in the eye, plus an ointment he prescribed now. The cataract doctor said she must go back to the Retina Eye Surgeon for him to check on the Retina. She has another appointment with this surgeon later today. She cannot risk having cataract surgery on the left eye until the right one is cleared. Your prayers are appreciated for Ann's eye condition. We are so grateful for the support our churches and individuals have continued to send for the work and to help us as a couple in maintaining our well-being to order to complete our chosen tasks in South Africa. We love you and appreciate each gesture sent to encourage us in the work we do for the Lord and now for our health issues. We especially are grateful for the many cards, emails, and notes from friends in many states and other countries telling us of the prayers being sent up for us as we approach the next few weeks. It means so much to know that Christian friends are praying and thinking of us at this time. We love you so much. Have a Great Day, Jerry & Ann Hogg