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Volume 2, Issue 2 April ~ June 2012 In This Issue LIVING THE VISION SIBI ~ MOVING FORWARD FOOD FOR THOUGHT KAYLI'S KOMMENTS PARTNERING CONTACT US DEAR ONES: We hope this is finding you all well and abundantly blessed. We are anxious to share with you all the wonderful things that God is doing in our lives and mission but in this day of technology overload, we know that having just another 'newsletter' in your in-box can be ... well ... just another 'newsletter' in your inbox. In an attempt to make our sharing with you more enjoyable and easier to read, we are making some changes in our"Kendalls:On Mission" e-news format. Among those changes is a quarterly publication and a wider reading area. We will continue to tweak it as time goes by so we'd love to know what YOU would like to see in the content of the newsletter. Please feel free to drop us a note with thoughts and suggestions on how we can make it even better. We hope you enjoy this bit of news from our side of the world. Because He said "GO"! Brandi and Penny Kendall For Up-to-the-Minute, Daily Musings, Experiences and Photographs of the Kendalls: On Mission in Singapore ... visit us on FACEBOOK LIVING THE VISION It doesn't seem like that long ago that we were living life in our little country home in Texas, working with a congregation alongside other ministers and making our plans for how we thought we should serve God in the upcoming years. Kayli was in her senior year of high school and getting ready for college, Jared was almost finished with his degree in Deaf Interpreting, Brandi was completing his Master's program in Spiritual Formation, I had a busy portrait studio and we were dreaming about living cozily in our soon-to-be empty nest and loving on our 10 grandchildren as often as possible. We had decided after returning to the States from our last mission point of Estonia (and after the death of our son, Dustin) that there would be no more full-time mission work. We envisioned spending lots of time in the mission field encouraging and refreshing missionaries; with our home base in the States on a temporary basis but never being on-site missionaries again. Then we got the call ... and God began to soften our hearts for the surrender of 'our' plans. Now, the portrait studio is no more, Brandi has graduated with his 2nd Master's degree, Jared begins his new job as a Deaf Interpreter at the beginning of August, Kayli starts her sophomore year at Harding University in a few weeks ... and here we are ... in Singapore. It's really hard to believe it's been a full year since we landed in Singapore -- trunks and boxes of books in tow -- anxious to live out the vision that God gave us as He asked us to surrender to His plan instead of our own. Life in Singapore is not exactly slow paced. We 'go' on a pretty constant basis but what memories we are making along the way. Since our arrival we've been blessed not only to be deeply involved with the training of our SIBI students for ministry; mentoring them, getting to know them and their hearts for service but we've also had the opportunity to be involved in several camps, retreats, fact finding trips, and church planting/mission efforts in SE Asia. Our travels have taken us to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, and China. We are also looking forward to being a part of a teaching team in the Philippines in October. Though our work in Singapore is primarily with SIBI, God has offered wonderful opportunities to be involved with the Pasir Panjang Church (our partners for the SIBI school); Brandi teaching and preaching in both the main congregation and the Chinese fellowship, and Penny teaching classes/retreats among the women in the Filipino, Chinese and English fellowships, as well as helping out as a section leader for the church's A Capella singing classes. This spring was a wonderful time of fellowship sharing fun activities and "Mentoring to Ministry" dinners with our SIBI students, attending the various 'goings on' at the PP Church, and joining in hospitality for several visitors/teachers from the States. Our apartment has been filled with love and laughter as we hosted Tim Burrows (SIBI-Int'l Dean) and Bobby Deason (dearly loved friend and teacher) for a few weeks, then welcomed our daughter home for the summer. We've had a great time helping her experience Singapore and the precious people at PP have lovingly embraced her as they have embraced us. Our latest adventure has been church camp. We use the word 'camp' lightly, as the church in Singapore definitely does not do camp the way we normally do camp. There are no tents or cabins in the woods ... this year's camp, like those previously, was held in a high-rise hotel away from Singapore. About 340 of us traveled by tour buses to Melaka, Malaysia, checked in to a beautiful {air-conditioned} 4-star hotel and spent 3 lovely days indulging in local foods and soaking in lots of fun, fellowship, and amazing lessons from visiting speaker, Tim Woodruff. Kayli was honored to be a part of the young adult praise team and Penny was the official camp photographer. While not the typical church camp of the U.S., it was indeed a time of spiritual refreshing. After a June break, our students are back to school and looking forward to their first official campaign in just a few weeks. Brandi heads to Borneo, Malaysia at the end of July for this year's Asian Mission Forum and Kayli will be on her way back for her second year at Harding University on August 7. Life in Singapore is pretty constant, the cultural differences can occasionally be challenging and we often find it difficult to be away from our most precious treasures but we are truly glad to be here. We continue to press forward to accomplish the vision that God has given us for this place and our hearts are ever thankful for the support you offer us in the work here. We covet your continued prayers on our behalf. Blessings! [pjk] SIBI ~ Singapore ... Moving Forward With both first and second year students working side-by-side, Sunset International Bible Institute - Singapore continues to prepare young men and women for the spread of the Gospel throughout South East Asia. Half way through the year, our second year students are now looking toward the final push that will take them toward graduation and long envisioned journeys, prayerfully considered, and given over to the One whose message they will bear. Plans are just beginning to take shape as we plan for our first graduation and commissioning of these students who have sacrificed much and worked with diligence to become the best that they can be for the Kingdom. Excitement is high and the desire and anticipation of finishing well is a great motivation for all of us. Our ongoing challenge of finding teachers able to join us here in Singapore for two to four weeks at a time is always in our prayers and considerations. Thankfully some of that challenge will be relieved now that we have another local teacher joining our efforts. Keith Gant and his wife Janet, have just moved to Singapore and will be teaching a number of our classes, and will help us with some of the planning and everyday mentoring of students. We are already looking to next year's intake of new recruits, with applications and discussions with interested students from China, India, Myanmar, Vietnam, and the Philippines. We covet your prayers as we work together to be the best possible stewards of God's resources as we prepare every student for the work they are being called to do. [blk] TO SE ASIA - From Singapore ... See Our SINGAPORE SLIDESHOW here food for thought ... Singapore is known for their love of food. It is said that eating is the favorite pastime of the Singaporean national and though their teeny-tiny waistlines do not attest, our experience here confirms that. Not only do THEY love eating but it appears to make them giddy with joy when they get to share with US all the things that make their taste buds sing. It's funny how different cultures see food. The American vs. Asian palate is a perfect example. What we as Americans consider lovely and delectable, they don't really get ... and what Asians consider top notch "yummo", we may find just a bit odd ... maybe even 'icky'. So .. having said that, we thought we'd just use this spot in the newsletter to show you some of those 'different' foods we've gotten to experience since our coming; some that we've learned to enjoy ... and some ... not so much! ICE KACHANG This desert originating in the 1950's in Singapore is similar only because of the shaved ice and bright colors to an American snow cone. This ice ball desert is made with small squares of jello-type jelly, red beans, sweet corn, and palm seeds as its base then topped off with a mound of shaved ice, rainbow colored syrups and condensed milk; and it's served in either a bowl or a tall glass. There are many variations ... ones with fruit cocktail, aloe vera jelly, mango, durian, chocolate syrup or ice cream on top. Though we aren't too fond of all the novelty toppings and getting used to eating beans and corn as a desert has been interesting, we've actually come to enjoy this cool dessert, especially on very hot days. We aren't really Ice Kachang connoisseurs but the best ones we've found have been at the 'hawker stands' or street vendors ... and are one of the few things that are affordable in Singapore. DURIAN This is indeed a controversial fruit. It is known in SE Asia & Singapore as the "King of Fruits" ... not sure why. It appears to be one of those things that you either love or hate. Those who love it, love it, adore it, feel passionate about it, make a party of it and go to great lengths and expense (up to $25 each) to acquire the best specimen. The durian is a rather large fruit (can get as big as 12"), has a very strong odor (strong is a nice way of putting it) and a thick thorn-covered husk that takes a hatchet knife to crack open. [I still wonder who first decided to try eating it]. The strong smell is so offensive that it is banned in buses, taxis, trains, and hotels in Singapore and other parts of SE Asia. I've heard it described as smelling like rotten onions, spoiled milk and garlic, turpentine, or dirty socks. I personally am reminded of that rotten, sweet smell you get from a back alley garbage dumpster. When you open up the hard, spiky outer shell, you find an interesting fruit; an embryo-like collection of custard-y sections with a filmy membrane covering and containing a pebble-sized seed inside. How does it taste to me? Bitter ... sweet ... pungent. The taste is not only a bit 'biting' on the way down, it bites you on the way back up as well (and continues biting for some time). The smell also stays with you for so long that it encourages a ritual of drinking saltwater from the empty husk and washing your hands in the same water to thwart the lingering 'aroma'. [Not sure who figured this out either]. It took Brandi and I quite a while to get up the courage to taste this stinky fruit. Kayli was the brave one, grabbing an opportunity for adventure does soon after her arrival and immediately becoming the "favorite American" when she wholeheartedly embraced it and declared her enjoyment of it. While I have to admit, our subsequent tries were better, some are easier to stomach than others and getting a better variety does seem to matter, it is still not our favorite Singaporean fare. For now, we're indulging in a lovely bunch of coconuts [and the other less controversial fruits that we've encountered here] and generously leaving the "King of Fruits'" to those who crave it. [pjk] Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official opinion or tastes of the average Singaporean ~ smile! KAYLI'S KOMMENTS ... impressions from a "visiting" missionary kid During my short stay here in Singapore, I have experienced many new sights, smells, tastes, and adventures. I have had to get used to a lot of things that so far oppose my own culture and even the cultures of other foreign places I have been and experienced. But as I begin preparation for my sophomore year at Harding University and my stay here is reaching its conclusion, I realize how much I will miss my little Paradise and the people I have come to adore and love so very much. However different it is, I will always remember the little things about Singapore that make this haven so endearing; little things that people say and do that I cherish and that make me smile, the little ways people love on each other that show how much they revere one another, the ever present smell of rice, the 'aunties' and 'uncles' always with a word of advice, the love for fellowship and ... of course, 'bubble tea' (A milk tea with tapioca pearls at the bottom ... I am seriously obsessed ). The people -- I will miss them most of all and already dread having to say goodbye. Still, I am grateful for each moment I have had in this Singaporean sanctuary and will take home with me a million memories until I can come back again for another adventure! With Love, Kayli We're still working out details but plans are being made for a November / December furlough. Our thanks to those who have made it possible for us to return to the States to visit family and report on the Singapore mission. We will let you know once we have tickets purchased and a tentative travel schedule in place. PRAYER & PRAISE PRAISE Recent tests for our granddaughter, Austyn, were normal for the first time in a year Our son, Jared, will start his new job working for the Lubbock School District as a Deaf Interpreter beginning August Financial Provision and ... for those who have made sacrifices to see our Singapore vision become a reality ------ PLEASE PRAY FOR ... Our daughter, Courtney, and her family have made a recent move to Dickson, TN and are without work (both are RN's). Please pray that God will provide jobs soon. Kayli will be returning to Harding for her sophomore year on August 7. Please pray for her protection -- both spiritually and physically, for success and for strength. Continued Financial Provision That we may see clearly and respond purposefully to the direction of God's mission for us in Singapore ... and That we may bring Glory to God in all that we say and do HOW CAN YOU HELP? Prayer Warriors Your prayers to the Father on our behalf are coveted and greatly appreciated Financial Monthly Contribution One-Time Contribution {Furlough, Mission Trips, Healthcare} PARTNERING ... Thank you for your prayerful consideration to partner with us in the Singapore work ... Contributions can be made online at: PARTNERS IN SINGAPORE OR Checks may be mailed to: SIBI Attn: D Taylor ~ Int'l Finances 3723 34th St. Lubbock, TX 79410 Be sure to mark cks: KENDALL - SINGAPORE OUR DEEPEST THANKS to those who have heard our need and have contributed to our monthly living/working fund, to our furlough fund, our insurance fund, and to our mission travel fund. God has blessed us greatly through you. Our 2nd Qtr. financial partners are ... M. Anthony * R. Blankenship * L. Bowman * J. Broyles * S. Chan * W. Chong * S. Dix M. Foreman * M. Gilbert * Keller Ch of Christ * L. Kho * C. Koh * Legacy Ch of Christ P. Leow * L. Li * D. Lim * L. Lim * P. Lim * S. Lim * J. Little * R. Mearns * J. Meeks C. Moody * B. Ooi * G. Orren * C. Parks * Pasir Panjang Church of Christ Summerdale Ch of Christ * Saturn Rd Ch of Christ * B. Smithson * A. Steed G.Tang * C.Teng * J.Townsend * K.Tryck * T.Webster * C.White * T.Wong * E.Yoder Thanks to our friends who have shown us so much 'care' with packages, goodies, cards and help in various areas, as well as, the continual blessings we receive from the precious people in Singapore and the Pasir Panjang Church. Our hearts swell with appreciation at the love and care we receive daily. 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