Doris Newsletter from Cambodia

Dear Brothers & Sister in Christ, And in Christ we are! What a beautiful thought. This has been a month of decisions. Half the year is gone and it is time to evaluate the students. We had another holiday Monday, the 18th so I got a few more things organized. We don’t have another holiday until the end of September so I will probably be wishing for one! It was suggested that I get a supporting congregation instead of having a sponsoring congregation and try and raise extra funds due to unexpected expenses which I had one this week. I ran over a rock in the road at night, coming from CBI graduation. I did not see it until it was too late and busted my oil pan. That cost me $50.00. Cheap compared to the States but when you budget is tight… There’s a lot of construction going on here and very large trucks are hauling in dirt and rocks. So, the good news is we have our supporting congregation, Roanoke Church of Christ in Wedowee, AL. They are already supporting us so I contacted a wonderful brother there, who has been working and supporting the work here in Cambodia for a number of years and he came back with a yes. We are thrilled and delighted to have them as part of this work. Another bit of good news, I turned my passport in to the Ministry of Education and now have my permanent visa. This is great because anyone who comes and works for us can come in Visa free. And then, my youngest son has stated that he wants to come and work with me. At present he is working for a moving company and is on the road a lot but he, as he stated, wants to do something with his life. There are a lot of issues to work on so please keep Steve in your prayers regarding this. It will be great having him here. We just ask, God’s will be done. The school news is I am designing an adult English class which means adjusting the students classes. Our main focus is conversation and comprehension. I have to get my teachers certified plus I want to find more Cambodians who want to work with us. Under the circumstances Sophy and Vannak do quite well with written instructions but to think on their feet and give illustrations, they are not there yet. Just pray for them to study hard. There are so many things that we need to do. Bible studies, which I need a translator, but do not have one at the time that I can do the classes. One older gentlemen is always at church, but I can’t seem to get any of the guys to spend time with him and teach him more thoroughly. Then SokLeap’s, Sophy’s sister, who recently married, her husband. No one is reaching out to him. It is effecting her also, as this morning she did not go to Phnom Phen church saying that it makes her sick riding in the car. She came here that evening. When she doesn’t go in the mornings she is unable to help with the children’s class here. I really need somebody to work with these guys (Sophy, Vannak & Chheav (Chew), and help them learn how to evangelize. Tim Brumfield from SIBI, last year did a fantastic evangelism class, but if you don’t put it into practice, it want reach anybody. There are some medical needs in the community. One little boy who I have known since he was a baby, has a tooth that is growing in the upper part of his mouth that needs to be pulled or cut out. Another is our first sister in Christ who had eye surgery because she could not see. The surgery helped but she needs glasses so she can read her Bible. Our other sister has 3 children and lives in a hut down the street with an alcoholic husband in the middle of a lake. When the rainy season comes in, she will be swamped. I am not sure what can be done about this problem but there has to be something. We can get her a cleaning job if she had someone to take care of him. There are things that need to be put in place but it cost money. That is why I am getting ready to try and raise some funds. Again I say, God’s will be done. He has done so much since November 2009 that is amazes me. Please keep all of this in your prayers as God continues to work in Cambodia. Please take care, each and everyone and may God’s blessings be with you always.