SWEDRU INTERNATIONAL BIBLE INSTITUTE P.O. Box 714 Agona Swedru Central Region Ghana Tel. 011 233 33 2191820, Mobile #: 011 233 28 5267644 Email: essuman2000@yahoo.com March 20, 2012 Dear Brethren, 1st QUARTER NEWSLETTER Greetings from me to you in His name, always reminding you in my prayers for the wonderful things you do for the Lord and His kingdom. I wish you God’s grace, peace and love and that of Jesus Christ our Savior to you. I trust that all is well with you. My family, I, and the entire student body are doing just fine. The second term in the second semester began on the 5th of March 2012 and will end at the second weekend in May 2012. I wish to say that this term, the SIBI, Agona Swedru is blessed with new students, and for the first time three women have been admitted to the school. Two are doing full time studies and one comes part-time every Friday. The school has five full time male students and five male part-time students, two school teachers, two preachers who want to upgrade themselves, and one young man who work for himself. The part-time classes start from 1.00-4:00 p.m. every Friday. The name of the full time students as follows: Emmanuel Asante, Emmanuel Idan, Paul Inkoom, Kingsley Mensah, Moses Danlardi, Dorcas Otabil, and Dorothy Essuman. The rest are Gabriel Buabeng, Stephen Ampofo, Rockson Mensah, Gideon Adeiso, Joseph Richardson Okyere, Susana Kani. These are part-time students. At the beginning of the term, one student by name Albert Okwan left without given any reason, but believed he was finding the course difficult couple with other family problems. Among the part-time students, Joseph Richardson Okyere is not regular, and suspect that with time he might not come at all. Academically, he has problem reading. In all, the school has 13 students pursuing a two year program of studies. The women’s program is supposed to last for a year. This term, the school is running the following courses: 1 Corinthians taught by Abe Lincoln, Church History & Doctrine taught by me, Thessalonians/Philippians taught by Doyle Gilliam, and Biblical Theology of Missions taught by me. The students are taking one preaching lab course called Evangelistic Preaching. Also find the attached photograph of the current student body. From left to right: Dorcas Otabil, Stephen Ampofo (behind), Emmanuel Idan (front role), Kingsley Mensah (back role), Paul Inkoom (front role), David Essuman, Gideon Adeiso, Emmanuel Asante, Moses Danlardi, Gabriel Buabeng, and Susan Kani. Three of the students were not present to take the picture. They are Rockson Mensah and Joseph Richardson Okyere, both part time students and Dorothy Essuman. If one Friday I can get all of them together, I will have them take another photograph and send to you. Thanks so much for your continuous prayerful and financial support. May the Lord of hosts bless and guide you. At His Service David C. Essuman