Weekly Newsletter from Doris

Dear Brothers & Sisters, Well, I am a “little” late with my “weekly” newsletter but I am still trying to get this moving. There is a lot going on now that the New Year is over. I finally got my letter for my visa and I am now trying to figure out where to go! I haven’t been anywhere in so long I think I have forgotten how! Anyway, there is a toss up between Bangkok and Ho Chi Meng (Saigon). Each one has its pluses and minus. I have a place lined up in Bangkok with the preacher at the church there BUT, I will have a 14 hour bus ride on that one. Also, at the border I may have to ride a taxi into Bangkok. I will leave Phnom Penh at 6:30 am and arrive in Bangkok at 9:30 that night. Not especially looking forward to that long of a bus ride but we will see. For Ho Chi Meng I have sent an e-mail to a brother Tom Tune who has been in Vietnam for years but I have not heard from him. So far that is the only contact I have there. They have an express bus from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Meng which would be nice. Not sure yet how long the trip is. I am considering flying but I hate to spend that much money, so pray that I make a wise decision on all of this mess. UPDATE: Tom is in Can Tho which is 4 hours, by bus, from Ho Chi Meag. So, still pondering. I am very pleased with how I now have the classes set up. It makes it hard on Sophy and Vannak as not knowing the language it is hard for them to think on their feet. But they help out with the TPR, spelling words, memory work and poetry which helps a lot. And I believe within the year they will be a lot better with comprehension. I will ask for fervent prayers for the church. As Khmer New Year fell on Friday, Saturday and Sunday this year there was no one who came to church except for all of our crew. Not even one child. This past Sunday we had one of our members plus us and 4 children. Brother Nelson has gotten Phnom Penh started working on a 5 year strategy plan. I am hoping the guys here will use what they learn there and put it into practice here. It is very disheartening but knowing the culture it isn’t surprising. For the next 2 years Khmer New Year falls on Sunday. Pray that we do not have a repeat of this year. We need Bible studies going, plus I am still trying to come up with an idea to draw the teenagers in. I know that God is in control. As I have already ask, please keep all of this in your prayers as I believe God is working. We must learn to persevere through the dark days knowing there is sunshine beyond the horizon. May God bless each of you and keep you safe.