CAO Essien Bible College report

Dear all, I thought you would like to see this report and the work that Emmanuel Essien is doing to keep the school going. Please pray for this school. God bless Dan REPORT OF WORK FOR THE MONTHS OF MARCH AND APRIL 2012 Introduction: We bring you all greetings from the brethren in Nigeria, particularly from the staff and student of CAO School ,ikot Usen, and the church. We thank God that the college continues to exist because of your love and support. She is also there in other to encourage the churches around her environs and to train dedicated men who are willing to work in the Vineyard of the Lord. It is good to share news and events of happenings within the college community and the churches around. 1. Classes: Daily classes and other academic/religious activities of the college continues as scheduled. The college is moving towards the end of the semester. The students are engaged with their test and writing of Term papers. Examination of the 2nd semester will commence on Monday 21st May 2012. 2. Evangelism: The students were engaged in 2 different evangelism trips. On the 17th -19th March, they visited the village of Omu Ekene, ibiono ibom LGA. This is the area where a church was planted just recently. On this return visit, 3 souls were baptized. Also on April 13th-15th, the students went out to another village called Okobo Ibiono for evangelism. This congregation was established many years ago, but her growth has been very slow. Of recent they have been having leadership problem, because of no preacher. When the students were there, they helped in settling some disputes among the brethren. They were able to restore 5 brethren back to the Church and baptized 2 souls. They brethren wrote to express their happiness for their visit and asked that they come regularly. 3.Students Field Work: As the custom of the college is, the college has finished arrangements to send the students out for one months field work d during the holidays. The exercise will start on July 16th through August 13th,2012.We will need to assist the students with some transport to their places of assignment. 4.Personal Evangelism/Preaching Appointments: I made visits to 3 different congregations, spoke at 4 separates Youth Forums and at 2 funerals. 5.Travels: I Was opportune to travel from Nigeria with Brothers Prince Ubge and James Eblabor to Cameroon from the 18th of March, and stayed till the 6th of April when we returned to Nigeria.Brother Dan Goodyear financed the trip. He arrived from USA enroute South Africa on the 20th 0f March.The 4 of us stayed together and taught classes at the Bible schools in Buea and Batibo. On Sundays we went to worship and preach at different congregations. During our stay there, we witnessed 2 souls con verted to Christ. Bro Dan studied with one of the convert while I did the baptizing at about 9.00pm. The Cameroon work is a good venture and needs to be continued. The brethren were really encouraged and asked that we make the visit twice a year. 6. Sorrow: There was a serious community conflicts{war} in Omu EKENE , the village that our students went for evangelism. The students were not aware of this. While there, fighting broke out, they had to flee for safety. In the process, they lost their clothing and shoes. Houses of members were burnt and belongings looted. Some were injured, one or two children killed. We thank God that none of the students was hurt. We have great concern for this young Christians and the church. We pray that God will take care of the situation. 7. PRAYER REQUESTS: • We request that you join in praying for those brethren who are hiding in other neighboring village because of the problem in their community and for those you sustain injury and lost their love ones. • Pray to God for more open doors of assistance that we can be making trips to Cameroon because they need our help. • Pray for the college and the students as they will be writing their examination soon and for field work they will go. • Pray to God for the College to secure funds for their needs (teachers stipend) and the building work that brother Goodyear is raising funds for. Of recent one of the teachers have sent in a resignation letter, which means from August when we resume we will not have him. 8. REQUEST/NEEDS: • Bibles for the students to take to field work and for those baptized • Funds for students transportation assistance to field work • Funds for continuation of the building work and others • Photocopying Machine and a Printer. Conclusion: best. The work is enormous, but when we puts our hands together we will achieve great Brethren we appreciate every of your efforts in assisting the college. We have great challenges that with your contributions God can make things change for the things for the Lord. A total of 5 restorations and 5 baptisms were recorded for the months. Thank you for your love and concern. In His service Emmanuel Essien