Update on Daniel Goodyear

Dear all, First of all I want to say how much I appreciate all of you and the sacrifices that you make to help the work I am doing a reality. I hope you had a chance to read my report to Zimbabwe and Cameroon. I am excited about the two schools who are working to be partners with SIBI in Cameroon. I am leaving June 16 for Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone. I will be speaking at a lectureship in northern Ghana and this is the first time that a representative from SIBI has been in this area. They have a school there that is interested in talking with me about becoming a partner with SIBI. I will then go to Liberia to meet with George Tenbegh who has a partnership with SIBI and is working to make the school in Weala and Kingsville an association school eligible for the BA from SIBI. I will also meet with Gabriel Chea for the first time to talk to him about another school. I will then go to Sierra Leone to meet with Jacob Sesay about the work he is doing with WBS at the request of Ron Pottberg who is the Africa representative WBS. Ron thinks they need to get to higher education in the Bible more than WBS offers. This is one way that we often help develop schools. With your help I purchased the first year courses from SIBI for them to use and see if this would work for them. I ask you to pray that the visas are all approved and the preparation I am doing for all the lessons they asked me to bring will be what is needed and will bring glory to God. I thank you for all the special contributions you have made to this work and as you know I need to continue to raise funds to make this all possible. I ask you to pray about the fund raising I am doing and for congregations and individuals to be open to hear the need for these schools. If you know of congregations or individuals who are willing to talk to me about this please get this information to me right away. I pray for all of you daily and appreciate you so much. God bless Dan Goodyear