February News - Jerry Hogg

29 February 2008

It’s not often we can use this date! Leap year has this extra day to catch-up with the time cycle. As Christians, we are grateful for every day, every moment God gives us to serve Him upon this earth. "For the Lord is good; His mercy is everlasting and his Truth endureth to all generations." Psalm 100:5. It is our prayer that everyone used the extra day wisely. It’s good to be home in Africa!

Enroute to their work in Malawi, Ed & Lina Crookshank visited us on campus Wed. the 27th, and he spoke in chapel to students and staff. We always enjoy fellowship with this dedicated couple. Anticipating Al & Donna Horne’s arrival back to South Africa from Texas via Amsterdam on the 29th, we spent the day packing up and carting all our belongings from their home back to our little flat on SABC campus. They plan to stay for a month to work with us at the Bible College and the Benoni church. It was good to see them "finally" come through International Arrivals about 10:40 p.m. after a long wait. One of Donna’s suitcases did not make it on the same flight but should hopefully be delivered tomorrow That often happens with international flights. But, it’s good to have them "back in the saddle" once again for a short while!

I THINK we finally have all 37 students on-board at the Southern Africa Bible College. Four arrived on Monday the 14th from Zimbabwe, and the very last one this week. Shy at first, the first-year class of 17 has finally gotten to know me in Acts and John classes, and are opening up. I believe this is the most inquisitive group I’ve ever taught. During my John class one day, I was explaining some Greek meanings, and one student was brave enough to ask this question, "Did Uncle Theo teach you Greek?" (Theo Rappard teaches most of the Greek classes at SABC now.) I said, "No, I was teaching Greek before Theo was even born, but don’t tell him that!!" She was amazed I had been here so long (close to 40 years at SABC now).

The first baptism at Benoni after our arrival was JoAnn Sutherland, a young lady who has been attending service for awhile with her boyfriend, Eddie Anderson, a Benoni member. Too shy to "walk down front," I baptized her after most folks had left on the Sunday evening. Having told her mom and dad of her plans to become a Christian, they were present. Perhaps her family will now be willing to study. I told JoAnn that angels were rejoicing.

We never forget the many friends of SABC who assist the work here in South Africa through financial support and prayers. Monthly and one-time gifts help all of us who teach at the Bible College to prepare others for evangelism among their own people in Southern Africa. Your part in this ministry is vital. We are grateful for your faithfulness to mission work and your example in the Kingdom. God bless you this year.

Training Others for Service in Africa,

Jerry V. Hogg
Southern Africa Bible College

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