Thitathan Family- Newsletter

Dear Truitt, I attached the second quarter work report for you to read. This quarter was a great time for the work. My family grew closer together because Penjai started to be able to help me prepare for the trips more. I am not talking about preparing my suit case, but trip planning and the lessons. Yes, I admitted that she help me with the lessons I taught. The idea from the wife is great. Prae start to come to our BSLI full time. She graduated from Bangkok University three years ago. She worked with two different companies. She was promoted to the head of her department in a short time, but she felt empty inside. I am glad that she can come to the bible school. Her husband gives her his full support. Pueun graduated from King Mongut Institution of Technology with Architecture degree in March. She is looking for a job at this time. Finding job is not that easy during the low time economically like what we have. She has an interview this afternoon. Please keep her in your prayer. We have new government. The Phur Thai Party won the general election with land slide votes. I hope the UNSEEN HAND WITH UNSEEN POWER will listen to the will of the people this time. God’s blessings, Patinya & Penjai Thitathan Bangkok, Thailand

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