Winston Bolt- June/July Newsletter

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Please open the attachment to see our report for June and July. I was unable to send a report out in June due to a viral infection that attacked my right hand and arm. The infection caused my hand to blister from the palm to my finger tips. My hand first blistered even under my fingernails and then scabbed over which left my right hand totally non-functional and very painful. Thankfully I was able to peal the scabs off by the middle of July. However, the pain from the damage it did to the nerves in my hand continues. I am praying that the pain dissipates before I have to start traveling, as right now it is still very painful to even shake hands. I found a supplement today that is supposed to heal damaged nerves. Hopefully it will work and I will be back to my old self. I think that I got the virus while baptizing seventeen people in a water tank that was next to a toilet and exposed to a chicken coop where the chickens had access to the room in late May. I found out on arriving in Morgantown that the 1994 Buick that I used for fundraising finally died after 230,000 miles. The church in Morgantown WV will rent a vehicle for me to use this year. If there is anyone who would like to donate a late model midsized car that could be used for fundraising it would be greatly appreciated. The church and instructors in the school send there thanks to you all as do I. I will send another report later this month detailing our plans and objectives for the next three years. Thank you and God bless. Your servant in Christ, Dr. Winston Bolt